Why is my check engine light on 2013 Kia Soul?

Why is my check engine light on 2013 Kia Soul?

The check engine light in Your 2013 Kia Soul is used as a warning that something has gone wrong with Your vehicle. This warning is usually caused by an emissions systems part like an 02 sensor or the catalytic converter. After You have fixed whatever caused the problem You will need to shut off the light.

Why is my check engine light on Kia Soul?

If the check engine light in your Kia Soul starts flashing, that means that the problem needs rapid attention and your Kia should be brought in expeditiously. This blinking light usually indicates a severe engine misfire allowing unburned fuel to be dumped into the exhaust system. …

How do you reset the check engine light on a 2013 Kia Soul?

How Do You Reset Your Check Engine Light?

  1. Turn off your ignition.
  2. Don some safety glasses and gloves.
  3. Locate the negative terminal.
  4. Loosen the negative terminal’s nut with a wrench, then pull the connector from the battery, keeping it to the side for 30 to 60 seconds.
  5. Reconnect the cable and tighten with your wrench.

What does the check engine light look like on a Kia?

Check engine lights come in orange, yellow or amber color depending on the manufacturer. If the light begins flashing, it indicates a more serious problem such as a misfire that can quickly overheat the catalytic converter.

Will check engine light come on if oil change is needed?

1. Your Car Needs an Oil Change. An illuminated check engine light is the first warning sign that your vehicle needs an oil change. It can activate because the oil is too dirty or when there’s not enough flowing throughout the engine.

Is it safe to drive with check engine light on?

The rule of thumb is that if the check engine light is flashing, you can’t keep driving the car. It’s an emergency. Often it indicates an engine misfire. If you keep driving, you will likely cause irreversible damage, mostly to the (expensive) catalytic converter.

Can I drive with engine light on?

Can AutoZone tell me why my engine light is on?

You can. All that you need to check your own light is an OBD-II reader, which can pull codes that help you find out what’s wrong with your car. If you don’t have a code reader, keep reading to learn the most common causes, and then bring your car to your local AutoZone to find out why your Check Engine Light is on.

Why is my Kia engine light on?

The check engine light is most commonly caused by one of five factors; the O2 sensor, a loose gas cap, the catalytic converter, the mass airflow sensor or the vehicle’s spark plug wires. Most of which are rather inexpensive problems to repair.

What are the problems with the Kia Soul?

The most common mechanical issues with the Kia Soul are a quickly deteriorating suspension system and airbags that fail to deploy, as reported by car repair statistics site CarComplaints.com.

What oil for Kia Soul?

Best motor oil for Kia Castrol EDGE High Mileage Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-20 Valvoline High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil 5W-20 Mobil 1 High Mileage Motor Oil 5W-30 ZEPRO Touring Engine Oil 5W-30 Formula Shell Motor Oil 5W-30 Pennzoil Motor Oil 5W-30 Milesyn SXR API GF-5/SN Plus 5W20 AMSOIL Signature Series Motor Oil 5W-30 Chevron Supreme Motor Oil 5W-30

Is Kia Soul a hybrid?

The Niro hybrid is Kia’s future take on a city car, while the Soul EV and new Optima hybrid will be out later this year. The Soul EV is the company’s main focus at the show, judging by our seven pages of press releases on it.

Is Kia Soul electric?

The Kia Soul EV is an all-electric subcompact crossover SUV manufactured by Kia Motors. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official range for the 2015 Kia Soul EV is 93 miles and 111 miles for 2018 model year. Deliveries began in South Korea in May 2014.