ManyChat Marketing in 2019 – Training & Courses Available

ManyChat Marketing in 2019 – Training & Courses Available

The new market of chatbots is taking a big sweep in the year 2019. It started becoming more and more popular to use Facebook Messenger bots in 2017-2018 and now it is becoming one of the mainstream ways that you can help your customers while not having to actively reply. It’s like a personal answering service without having to pay a company to sit there with you and respond to customers questions.  Using tools like Smart Bot Marketers can greatly help your business, and we’ll tell you why.

Why Messenger Marketing?

It has been proven with the rise of Facebook in the last couple years, that messenger marketing has been able to improve a business’s net worth, as well as get more paying customers by advertising without just utilizing the standard Facebook or other online advertisement methods. Not only that, it’s very similar to e-mail marketing, because it allows more of a personable experience with your customers rather than simply sending an e-mail that looks like an automated response on a template. You can create your bot with ManyChat and make it seem like a real person is actually doing just that; talking to real people. Many apps and games on Facebook already use Messenger bots, and this movement has been growing at an extremely fast pace in order to help businesses grow.

Block Ratings

When you have e-mail marketing strategies set up, you can generally expect to have a basic e-mail that looks like all others and constantly get filtered into the Spam folder, or even worse is not filtered and nobody usually goes through and digs through all of their e-mails just to find an automated or generic looking message, no matter who it’s from.

Therefore, not that there is ManyChat, you can set the look and feel of your message to actually make your subscribers see them as they notify the user that they have a message. Almost everyone clicks on their Facebook messages, and many actually read the messages especially if they’re subscribed or visited your page. You have less of a chance of getting blocked, or even worse, you have less chances to get infected with things like Viruses, hacks, and more.

ManyChat messages are Streamlined

For optimum performance purposes, it is crucial to have a service like ManyChat, which will generate user experiences every time a person visits your page, and more when they communicate with your bot. Just like all of those apps and games, you will have more people communicating with your bot than responding to your e-mail campaign.


Using ManyChat as a marketing tool can make your business, no matter how small, look more professional, and you can even set it up with customer support options, as well as personal plug advertising so you can see how many people are responding to your page. You also have less of a chance of angering a potential customer because your chatbot sends a message to them on a social media site, especially when you look at how hard it is to have a successful e-mail or SMS marketing campaign. Everyone hates getting those e-mails and text messages, but there is less of a chance for you losing customers just because you market with your ManyChat chatbot.