Affirmative Action in the Job Sector

From the time of civilization, men have been holding the uppermost positions in all occupations. With the philosophical alteration in the paradigm shift, where women’s liberation made itself liable, challenging the vital alterations in the chauvinistic occupation culture. Nevertheless, one school of thought is of the opinion that, there should be opportunities for women in[…]

Teaching children with learning disabilities

Many children have different abilities to learn and interact with their environment, how to express their feelings and socialize with others according to their understanding. Learning disability is a condition known as Neurological disorder. A problem that makes it hard for a child to stay focused, pay attention, hard to control behavior and hyperactivity. The[…]

Computers can translate all kinds of languages well. Do our children need to learn more languages in the future?

Computers have always been pulling the rabbit out of the hat now and then with the rigorous progress on the technological front. Though the benefits of languages being translated is surplus, children don’t get benefited entirely from this process. The main reason being,translating and learning is never the same. A computer just puts the cake[…]


The world keeps advancing at a rapid rate. This leads to the influx of personal cars in city roads and that heightens the concerns people have regarding environmental degradation. The increase in use of private cars is a concern to environmentalists given the impact their pollution has on the environment (Alva-Gonzáles, 2008). It may be[…]

One Gadget I can’t do without

Of all the gadgets I have ever used, a calculator is one that I cannot do without not only in profession line but also in my daily errands. Mathematical problems, business statements, and numerical equations preparation are easy with the help of calculators (OpenLearn, n.d.). Daily, I encounter chores that demand use of a calculator,[…]


According to Cowan, R. (1990), nuclear power involves the use of nuclear energy to generate heat which is usually used in steam turbines to produce electricity. In as much as nuclear power has advantages, there are several demerits associated with the nuclear power. construction of nuclear plants take between five to ten years and requires[…]

Is a dissertation necessary?

Is a dissertation necessary? Why is a Dissertation so Important? The dissertation is likely to be the most important piece of writing you are asked to do, and it is also likely that it will contribute significantly to your final grade. A dissertation can also be seen as a way of proving you can do[…]

What is an example of an epigraph?

What is an example of an epigraph? An epigraph is a short statement (a sentence, a paragraph, a poem) that comes at the beginning of a literary text, but the words belong to a different author. Examples of Epigraph: At the beginning of The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway quotes Gertrude Stein: “You are all[…]

How do you get hired as a professor?

How do you get hired as a professor? For those interested in becoming a professor, the basic college professor requirements are as follows:A doctoral degree in the field you want to teach in.Teaching experience.Professional certification (depending on your field)Publications and prominent academic presence. Can you be a researcher without being a professor? Is it possible[…]

How do you state assumptions?

How do you state assumptions? You can frame assumptions with a statement in this format: “If we move forward with [DESCRIPTION OF YOUR DECISION], and [YOUR ASSUMPTION] is true, then we will achieve [YOUR GOAL OR OBJECTIVE].” What are assumptions? Merriam-Webster defines an assumption as “an assuming that something is true” and “a fact or[…]