Affirmative Action in the Job Sector

From the time of civilization, men have been holding the uppermost positions in all occupations. With the philosophical alteration in the paradigm shift, where women’s liberation made itself liable, challenging the vital alterations in the chauvinistic occupation culture. Nevertheless, one school of thought is of the opinion that, there should be opportunities for women in[…]

Fast Food in the 21st Century: Will the Custom-Made Burrito Crush the Golden Arches?

A tension exists in the fast food industry between former standbys, such as McDonald’s, and newer fast casual chains, such as Chipotle. As fast casual chains gain popularity, the likes of McDonald’s need to re-examine their business models to stay competitive. The fast casual food market has grown 550 percent since 1999, more than 10[…]

Computers can translate all kinds of languages well. Do our children need to learn more languages in the future?

Computers have always been pulling the rabbit out of the hat now and then with the rigorous progress on the technological front. Though the benefits of languages being translated is surplus, children don’t get benefited entirely from this process. The main reason being,translating and learning is never the same. A computer just puts the cake[…]

We Can Work it out: Younger and Older Persons in the Workforce

Should retirement be compulsory at 65 years of age?  A significant majority of the population takes a negative view of employees who continue working past retirement age. Indeed, notwithstanding economic evidence, the perception persists  that workers who remain in the workforce past age 65 are pilfering jobs from the young (O’Donnell,  2013, para. 2; Sedensky,[…]


The world keeps advancing at a rapid rate. This leads to the influx of personal cars in city roads and that heightens the concerns people have regarding environmental degradation. The increase in use of private cars is a concern to environmentalists given the impact their pollution has on the environment (Alva-Gonzáles, 2008). It may be[…]

One Gadget I can’t do without

Of all the gadgets I have ever used, a calculator is one that I cannot do without not only in profession line but also in my daily errands. Mathematical problems, business statements, and numerical equations preparation are easy with the help of calculators (OpenLearn, n.d.). Daily, I encounter chores that demand use of a calculator,[…]


According to Cowan, R. (1990), nuclear power involves the use of nuclear energy to generate heat which is usually used in steam turbines to produce electricity. In as much as nuclear power has advantages, there are several demerits associated with the nuclear power. construction of nuclear plants take between five to ten years and requires[…]

What is the importance of law enforcement?

What is the importance of law enforcement? Law enforcement is the next element of the criminal justice response; its purpose is to prevent, detect and investigate firearms offences. What is the purpose of spot report? Use to send information to provide timely intelligence or status regarding events that could have an immediate and significant effect[…]

What is considered music copyright infringement?

What is considered music copyright infringement? To establish copyright infringement, you must establish that you own a valid copyright in the work and that: The work has been copied; and. The copy is substantially similar to the protectable elements of the original work. How do I avoid copyright infringement? gain permission from the copyright owner[…]

How do I write a recommendation essay?

How do I write a recommendation essay? Consider yourself an academic reference giving a scholarly recommendation if you have had her in several relevant classes or labs. Write two to three paragraphs explaining the applicant’s strengths. Focus on qualities that demonstrate his distinctiveness and match the requirements of the program or job. How does write[…]

How do I report SAT scores to common app?

How do I report SAT scores to common app? 4:00Suggested clip 69 secondsDr. Bernstein on Self-Reporting Standardized Test Scores in the …YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip Should I self report scores on common app? Penn says, we recommend that you self-report each test you will use to select the highest score in each[…]

Do police officers always make a report?

Do police officers always make a report? Police officers do not always write police reports for car accidents. While it is important that a police officer write a report to gather all of the information and to verify that the accident did occur, you still have a case even if it was not recorded by[…]

How do you write a 12th grade book report?

How do you write a 12th grade book report? Writing a Book Reportthe type of book report you are writing.the title of the book.the author of the book.the time when the story takes place.the location where the story takes place.the names and a brief description of each of the characters you will be discussing.many quotations[…]

What is minority report based on?

What is minority report based on? Minority Report is a 2002 American science fiction action film directed by Steven Spielberg and loosely based on the 1956 short story “The Minority Report” by Philip K. Dick. Who wrote the minority report? Philip K. Dick Why is it called Minority Report? Like many stories dealing with knowledge[…]