Who is the main character of Psycho-Pass Season 2?

Who is the main character of Psycho-Pass Season 2?

Season Two of Psycho-Pass takes place eighteen months after the death of Shogo Makishima and centers around Akane Tsunemori who, having learned the true nature of the Sibyl System, has to stop a man who wants to shake the System to its core.

Is Kogami in Season 2 of Psycho-Pass?

However, Kogami only appears in the second season as Tsunemori’s hallucination when she dwells upon dealing with Kirito Kamui. In said hallucination, Kogami is pleased with the impact his character has on the inspector.

Who is the villain in Psycho-Pass?

Shogo Makishima
Shogo Makishima (Japanese: 槙島 聖護, Hepburn: Makishima Shōgo) is a fictional character who was introduced as the main antagonist in Production I.G’s anime series, Psycho-Pass. Makishima is responsible for several crimes, and the main cast (Public Safety Bureau officers) are in search of him.

Why is Akane in jail?

In the 2019 anime series Psycho-Pass 3, Akane has been imprisoned for unknown actions and is expected to see judgment. Nevertheless, she is looking forward to the actions of two new Inspectors, Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov.

Can I skip Season 2 of psycho-pass?

Basically, yes you could skip straight to the movie and still probably enjoy it and understand the storyline, but by watching season 2, you’ll have a much better understanding as to when this takes place and everything that went down before as well as character knowledge.

Who is Ginoza dad?

Tomomi Masaoka

Nobuchika Ginoza
Relatives Tomomi Masaoka (father, deceased) Sae Ginoza (mother) Akiho Ginoza (grandmother)
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1 Inspector Akane Tsunemori File No. 003 Inspector Shinya Kogami
Anime Debut 0101 Crime Coefficient

Can I skip Psycho Pass 2?

How many episodes are in Psycho Pass 2?


Psycho-Pass 2
Key visual of the series
Original network Fuji TV (Noitamina)
Original run October 10, 2014 – December 19, 2014
Episodes 11

Is makishima dead?

Shinya Kogami Makishima admits that he is displeased with Kogami’s attachment to the Sibyl System and is willing to kill him as a result. He was finally killed by Kogami .

Who is the antagonist in Psycho-Pass 2?

Because of his unique make up, Kamui cannot be detected by any scanners nor by the Dominators. He aids and abets criminals, including Akira Kitazawa, with his ability to clarify their Hues. He is the main antagonist of Season 2.

What happened to Akane in Psycho-Pass 2?

10 What happened to Akane? When viewers last saw Akane Tsunemori, she was still working with unit 1. Whether you’ve seen her in the Psycho-Pass Movie, or in the three OVA’s Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System. However, about 3 to 4 years have passed since then and she is now imprisoned.

Is Psycho-Pass 3 finished?

Psycho-Pass 3 is a 2019 anime series in the Psycho-Pass franchise that serves as a direct sequel to the 2014 series Psycho-Pass 2 and aired in Japan’s Fuji TV’s Noitamina from October 24 to December 12, 2019.

Who is the villain in Psycho Pass?

Shogo Makishima is the main antagonist of the first season of the anime series Psycho-Pass. He was the person mostly responsible for the incidents that plagued the world of Psycho-Pass.

What is Psycho Pass about?

Psycho-Pass presents us with a fascinating concept: a society where everyone’s emotional and psychological state is carefully measured by a system, which then determines their aptitudes and mental health.

Where to watch Psycho Pass?

Psycho Pass Alternative Title: None Episodes: 22 Stream/Buy On: Hulu,Funimation,Amazon Prime

  • Psycho-Pass 2 Alternative Title: None Episodes: 11 Stream/Buy On: Hulu,iTunes,Amazon Prime
  • Psycho-Pass: The Movie Alternative Title: Psycho-Pass Movie Episodes: 1 Stream/Buy On: Vudu,Amazon Prime,YouTube,iTunes
  • What is a Psycho Pass?

    Psycho-Pass (Index) A Psycho-Pass is a reading of an individual’s mind via cymatic scan. It shows a Crime Coefficient, a Hue, a graph of how the individual’s Psycho-Pass changed over time, and the profile of the person. It is calculated by the Sibyl System.