What flavour is cell?

What flavour is cell?

The Cell is probably the most successful boilie of all time, so these little balls have big shoes to fill. They have a sweet, pineapple-like aroma, on top of the original Cell coconut. Sweet and bright, they’re sure to stand out but will have a hell of a job shifting the original Cell from its lofty perch.

What makes a good boilie?

With a few ingredients like Soya flour, Semolina, Maize flour, and a dash of flavour, anyone can make a boilie. It’ll roll, and it will catch fish in the right circumstances (largely if the fish are over-stocked and starving, and there is little other food on offer).

What is in Manilla sticky bait?

peanut protein
Utilising a Sticky exclusive peanut protein along with a blend of refined milk proteins and birdfood, the Manilla range is the most complete and nutritional year-round bait range available.

What kind of boilieroller do I Need?

Manual BoilieRoller, 4 kg pneumatic dough gun with 1 nozzle, pellets maker for 8 and 12 mm pellets and 400 mm sausage rollers. Later you will can order and to add an other stuff like motor, cutter and stand to get MAXI set. The machine can produce boilies and dumbells.

Why choose boilie design?

All machines are safe and easy to operate and come with a 2-year warranty. Boilie Design created the ultimate solution for the carpfi sher who wants to make his own carpbaits. We offer a complete solution for making boilies, for both small and large-scale production.

What is boilie Lab Pro?

“Boilie Lab Pro”can roll and compress boilies in high speeds with superb roundness, by default machine can make boilies, dumbells and pillows, you can exchange roller block and roll other size boilies or for example some special shape boilies like butterflies, worms and etc. Using 2 roller system…

How to make 10mm boilies?

The cutter’s body is made from stainless steel. To produce 10mm boilies using cutter, necessary really hard dough. The sausage must reach back sensor to activate bumper to cut off the sausage. If your dough will not reach cutter’s sensor, move sensor to get shorter sausage and use shorter bumper.