Who is number 54 in the CARS movie?

Who is number 54 in the CARS movie?

Tommy Highbanks is a professional race car who competed in the Piston Cup Racing Series. He superseded Johnny Blamer as the Faux Wheel Drive racer, before being replaced by Herb Curbler. His racing number is 54.

Who is number 68 in the CARS movie?

Parker Brakeston
Parker Brakeston is a Piston Cup racer. His number is 68, and he supersedes Manny Flywheel as the racer for the N2O Cola team and competes in the 2016 Piston Cup season, prior to being replaced by H.J. Hollis.

Who is number 51 in the CARS movie?

Cruz Ramirez is a race car. Since 2017, she competes in the Piston Cup Racing Series for the Dinoco team with the number 51. She debuted in the Piston Cup during the 2017 Florida 500 race as a replacement for Lightning McQueen for the Rust-eze team.

What is Lightning McQueen number?

Lightning McQueen’s sponsor’s logo. He is number 95 in the movie, and at the beginning of the movie, he is racing in the final race of the 2006 Piston Cup Series in Nashville, Tennessee.

Who is number 21 in the CARS movie?

Ryan “Inside” Laney is a character in Cars 3. He is voiced by and based on Ryan Blaney. He sports the racing number 21 (the same as Blaney did when the film was released) and is sponsored by Blinkr.

Who is number 28 in the CARS movie?

Alan “Aiken” Axler is an American racing stock car. From 2002 or 2003 to early 2000s or 2010s (after 2006 and before 2016) he was Piston Cup racer sponsored by Nitroade, bearing the number 28.

Who is number 33 in the cars?

Dud Throttleman is a Piston Cup race car. He succeeds Chuck Armstrong as the Mood Springs racer, bearing the number 33.

Who is number 80 in the CARS movie?

2021 Entertainment Wrap Up – The Loop Rex Revler is a stock car that used to compete in the Piston Cup Racing Series for the Gask-its team with the number 80.

What kind of car is Dinoco?

This “Dinoco-blue” veteran racecar ( a 1970 Plymouth Superbird) is voiced by none other than real life NASCAR Hall of Famer Richard Petty.

Who are the actors in the cars in Star Wars?

Woody Car (voice) Tim Allen Buzz Lightyear Car (voice) Billy Crystal Mike Car (voice) John Goodman Sullivan Truck (voice) Dave Foley Flik Car (voice) Jack Angel

Are characters from cars available under CC-BY-SA or Creative Commons?

Characters from Cars . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

What is the name of the truck in Cars 2?

Main Article: Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen, often referred to as “McQueen”, is the protagonist in the Cars film franchise. He is voiced by Owen Wilson and his design is based on generic NASCAR vehicles. Mack (voiced by John Ratzenberger) is a Mack truck who is McQueen’s trailer driver. He appeared in Cars, and has only two lines in Cars 2 .

What are the car paint numbers in Cars 3?

In Cars 3 Generations on Levi Mitchan graphic was number 08. In Cars: Fast as Lightning, Luigi on paint Italian Racer has number 47. On Cars movie concept arts, Lightning McQueen has number 57. In the movie Rusty Wheels, Turbo Jack has number 73.