Where is Liferay portlet XML?

Where is Liferay portlet XML?

The Configuration Files are stored in the docroot/WEB-INF folder. Files stored here include the standard JSR-286 portlet configuration file portlet. xml , as well as three optional Liferay-specific configuration files.

Where is Portlet XML?

WEB-INF directory
Every portlet WAR must have one portlet. xml file in the WEB-INF directory of the web application.

What is portlet XML?

A portlet project, like a web project, is a J2EE web application. It is similar to a web project in that a web. xml file is maintained for it. The main difference between a portlet project and a web project is that the portlet project has an extra deployment descriptor, portlet. xml file, in the WEB-INF directory.

What is a Liferay portlet?

Web apps in Liferay DXP are called portlets. Like many web apps, portlets process requests and generate responses. In the response, the portlet returns content (e.g. HTML, XHTML) for display in browsers. Another difference is that portlets run only in a portal server, like the one in Liferay DXP.

What is portlet application in Java?

Portlets are pluggable user interface software components that are managed and displayed in a web portal, for example an enterprise portal or a web CMS. A portlet can aggregate (integrate) and personalize content from different sources within a web page.

What is a portlet application?

Portlets are pluggable user interface software components that are managed and displayed in a web portal, for example an enterprise portal or a web CMS. Some examples of portlet applications are e-mail, weather reports, discussion forums, and news. A portlet is managed by a portlet container.

What is HTML portlet?

The HTML portlet displays HTML data on the DivePort page. You can use this portlet to insert text, DivePort variables, or web content. Considerations. The HTML portlet supports the importing of external JavaScript.

How do you use Liferay Portal?

You can use liferay portlet for creating an enterprise, standard and scalable Web Application….Restart your Eclipse and make sure you’re able of defining a new Liferay Server.

  1. Click next and browse towered you unzipped Liferay.
  2. Click next & finish.
  3. Start the server from Servers pane.

What is portlet application?

Portlets are reusable web modules that provide access to Web-based content, applications, and other resources. From an application development perspective, portlets are pluggable web modules that are designed to run inside a portlet container of any portal framework.

How do you make a simple portlet in Liferay?

Creating a Liferay MVC Portlet in Liferay IDE

  1. Go to File → New → Liferay Plugin Project.
  2. Fill in the Project name and Display name.
  3. Leave the Use default location checkbox checked.
  4. Select the Ant (liferay-plugins-sdk) option for your build type.
  5. Your configured SDK and Liferay Runtime should already be selected.

How do I retrieve values from portlet preferences in Liferay?

Retrieve the current value of your portlet preference and save it to a local variable. For example, you could retrieve a portlet preference named somePreferenceKey and save it to a local Java variable with the following code: Liferay’s static GetterUtil class provides helpful methods for processing values from portlet preferences.

How to create MVC portlet in lifeliferay7?

Liferay7 provides “Project Template Name” to create a modules. You can quicky create service builder, JSP fragment hook, MVC Portlet etc. Here we select module type as “MVC Portlet”. Select “mvcPortlet” and click on Finish.

How do I display JSP configuration options in a portlet?

Your portlet needs a way to display configuration options to the user. Liferay checks to see if your portlet specifies a configuration JSP via a config-template initialization parameter in your portlet.xml file. You can specify one for your portlet.

How to create OSGi portlet module in Liferay 7?

The prerequisite for this tutorial is Liferay 7 Development setup before creating module in Liferay DXP, so Please click on this link to setup the development environment in eclipse. Lets jump into creation of sample OSGI portlet module and will drag on to Liferay page. Liferay7 provides “Project Template Name” to create a modules.