What are the best small cap stocks to buy now?

What are the best small cap stocks to buy now?

Therefore, as we greet the new year, don’t forget to consider these ideas for best small-cap stocks to buy.

  • CommVault Systems (NASDAQ:CVLT)
  • ANI Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ANIP)
  • Endo International (NASDAQ:ENDP)
  • Ranger Oil Corp (NASDAQ:ROCC)
  • Customers Bancorp (NYSE:CUBI)
  • Arlo Technologies (NYSE:ARLO)

Which company share is growing fast in India?

Rank Company Name Net Profit growth(%)
1 Sulzer India 163.4
2 Oil Country Tubular 212.7
3 Tata Sponge Iron 159.8
4 Zydus Wellness 166.9

What are the best small cap stocks in India?

List of Best Small Cap Stocks to Buy now in India 2022

Company Name BSE Scrip Code Rating
Indian Energy Exchange 540750 5
NESCO Ltd. 505355 1
Thyrocare Technologies Ltd 539871 3
Delta Corp Ltd 532848 0.5

What is a small cap stock in India?

Small-cap companies are those that have a market capitalisation of less than Rs 5,000 crore. These companies are relatively smaller in size and have significant growth potential. This makes the stocks of such companies volatile in nature.

Is Nippon India small cap fund good?

With respect to Nippon Small Cap fund, it comes in the top five performing schemes in the small cap category with an approximate return of 23% CAGR in the last five years and it has also outperformed the category average and its benchmark in the last 3, 5 & 7 years.

Which SIP gives highest return?

Best SIP Plans for the Year 2022

Fund Name Monthly Investment 3 years Return
DSP Equity Fund 5000 14.69%
Franklin India Focused Equity Fund 5000 22.68%
HDFC Balance Advantage Fund 5000 14.39%
ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund 5000 19.41%

What are the names of small cap companies in India?

Small Cap Companies Faqs: Company Name CMP MKT Cap (Cr) 5Y Profit Growth Apollo Pipes Ltd. (S) 382.2 498 251.53 Hindustan Foods Ltd. (S) 928 1,901 113.45 IFB Industries Ltd. (S) 660 2,645 68.77 Apollo Tricoat Tubes Ltd. (S) 591 1,778 61.6

What is a small cap company?

Generally, small cap companies are single product or single service line companies. It is important to know the overall market size of the business a company is operating in, and also the presence of that company in that particular market.

Should you invest in small-cap stocks in India?

That said, small-cap stocks in India can also give you lucrative returns. So, if you do decide to invest in the stocks of small-cap companies, make sure to do your due research about the company before making your investment. You should also diversify your investments to reduce risk.

What are the top 3 companies in India with highest profit growth?

Rank Company Name Industry Total Income growth (%) Op. Profit growth (%) 1 Sulzer India Capital Goods 36.1 34.4 2 Oil Country Tubular Steel 36.3 68.2 3 Tata Sponge Iron Steel 46.2 90.0 4 Zydus Wellness FMCG 107.0 141.2