What was the first show at the Muny?

What was the first show at the Muny?

Robin Hood
On June 5, 1917, the opera Aida was presented on what would become the Muny stage. In 1919, the new theatre received a name: St. Louis Municipal Opera Theatre, or “The Muny” for short. The first show under the Muny banner was Robin Hood, which opened on June 16, 1919, and featured Mayor Kiel as King Richard.

What is on your feet at the Muny?

Based on the lives and music of 26-time Grammy Award-winning husband-and-wife team Gloria and Emilio Estefan, On Your Feet! is a jukebox musical that shows what can happen when two people believe in their talent, music and one another.

Is the Muny Open 2021?

The triumph of the 2021 Muny season returns! Audiences and critics went “Whoopee” for last season’s thrilling production of Chicago, and due to a rain-out and our early shutdown, we’re opening our 2022 season with this landmark production!

Is the Muny season Cancelled?

3, 2021) – The Muny announced today the cancellation of the three remaining performances of Chicago, the theatre’s fifth and final production of its 103rd season, due to positive COVID-19 breakthrough cases within the cast.

What does Muny stand for?


Acronym Definition
MUNY Music Under New York
MUNY Masonic University of New York

How long is on your feet musical?

approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes
ON YOUR FEET! is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes long, including one intermission.

Does The Muny get rained out?

We hope it never rains, If a performance is cancelled before one hour of playing time has elapsed, including scheduled intermissions, your ticket will serve as your rain check. Rain checks also may be redeemed for a full refund of the ticket price or donated back to The Muny.

Is The Muny outdoors?

The Muny – America’s Oldest and Largest Outdoor Musical Theatre.

Do I have to wear a mask to The Muny?

New Mexico. New Mexicans age 2 and over are required to wear face coverings in indoor public settings, regardless of their vaccination status, except when eating or drinking.

Who runs The Muny Theatre?

The Muny seasons run every year from mid-June to mid-August. It is run by a nonprofit organization. The current president and chief executive is Dennis M. Reagan. The current artistic director & executive producer is Mike Isaacson.

What is the history of the Muny?

In 1914, Luther Ely Smith began staging pageant-Masques on Art Hill in Forest Park. In 1916, a grassy area between two oak trees on the present site of The Muny was chosen for a production of As You Like It produced by Margaret Anglin and starring Sydney Greenstreet with a local cast of “1,000 St. Louis folk dancers and folk singers.”.

How many seasons has Vincent Price been at the Muny?

Read more about the Muny’s 103rd season. St. Louis native Vincent Price is pictured with a list of the shows he starred in at the Muny.

How many people work at the Muny?

The Muny produces all of its musicals (typically seven) in the season and operates only in the summer. During the winter, a full-time staff of fewer than 20 people prepare for the next summer season. During the season itself, the summer staff expands to include more than 500 people in various positions.