Does texting affect writing?

Does texting affect writing?

My research suggests that texting actually has a minimal effect on student writing. In his book A Better Pencil: Readers, Writers, and the Digital Revolution, he concludes that students do not use textspeak in their writing. In fact, he suggests students do not even use abbreviations in their text messages very often.

Does texting affect writing summary?

In the discussion of texting, one view is that texting has a negative affect on teens and their writing. On the other hand, In the essay Does Texting Affect Writing by Michaela Cullington she sees what students,teachers ,and professors have to say regarding the issue of texting.

When was does texting affect writing published?

Michaela Cullington Professor Foss ENGL 160, Section 2 Does Texting Affect Writing? It’s taking over our lives. We can do it almost anywhere walking to class, waiting in line at the grocery store, or hanging out at home. It’s quick, easy, and convenient.

What kind of sources does cullington cite?

Cullington cites a variety of sources, including information from surveys and interviews. She also includes books, newspapers, journal articles, and information from the National Education Association website.