What stocks does mohnish pabrai own?

What stocks does mohnish pabrai own?

Mohnish Pabrai Latest Trades

Ticker Company Current Shares
Ticker Company Current Shares
BABA Alibaba Group Holding Ltd 57,347
MU Micron Technology Inc 1,579,150
BABA Alibaba Group Holding Ltd 258,721

What is mohnish pabrai buying?

Hedge fund manager Mohnish Pabrai just reported his latest portfolio. He bought into two new positions GM and Chesapeake Energy ( CHK ), and sold out positions in TEX , POT , CSE , PNCLQ . His portfolio now has only 6 stocks with a total value of $241 million.

How mohnish pabrai started investing?

After graduating, he started working in the research and development department at Tellabs. Pabris embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 1991, established a successful IT consulting and systems integration company, TransTech, Inc. He sold his company in 1999 and started Pabrai Investment Fund in the same year.

What stocks are in Warren Buffett’s portfolio?

Best Value Stocks in Warren Buffett’s Portfolio

  • Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) Berkshire Hathaway’s Stake Value: $31,329,000.
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (NYSE:TEVA)
  • Globe Life Inc.
  • General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)
  • The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (NYSE:BK)

Is mohnish pabrai a billionaire?

When the whole world was running behind the original ideas, the NRI investor Mohnish Pabrai completely reversed this. He imitated Warren Buffett, the world’s famous investor and became a billionaire like him. He started investing in stocks in 1995 and made $ 1 million to $ 10 million in 5 years.

Does Li Lu own Alibaba?

Li’s Himalaya reported a holding in Alibaba on its 13F in the first quarter of 2020 before it disappeared in the second quarter. Alibaba listed in Hong Kong in the fourth quarter of 2019. As such, it could be the case that Li sold his New York-listed stock and bought back the Hong Kong-listed equity.

How much does mohnish pabrai manage?

Mohnish Pabrai is Managing Partner of Pabrai Investment Funds, a group of focused value funds. Since inception in 1999 with $1 million, Pabrai Funds has grown to over $400 million in assets under management.

Which stocks made Warren Buffett rich?

The top five investments in Buffett’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, are Apple, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, American Express, and Kraft Heinz. Apple is Berkshire Hathaway’s largest portfolio holding, comprising 49.1% of the portfolio.

Did Munger buy Baba?

Munger’s purchase of Alibaba ($BABA) for the Daily Journal, which was first made public in April, is notable for a few reasons. For one, it’s apparently the first time he’s liked a stock in 12 years. And even as the stock continues tanking, Munger has doubled down; some 20% of DJCO’s portfolio now consists of Alibaba.