How do I get SANE certified?

How do I get SANE certified?

To become a SANE, registered nurses must take a Sexual Assault Examiner Class comprised of 40 hours of classroom training, followed by an average of 40 hours of clinical training. IAFN has Educational Guidelines that recommend this training as a minimum starting point for SANEs.

How long is SANE certification good for?

3 years
The certification is valid for 3 years and certification renewal is available by attaining continuing education over a 3-year period or by again achieving a passing score on the certification exam.

How long does it take to process a SANE exam?

Patient is evaluated through triage • Medical screening by ER attending physician and primary nurse • Once medically cleared and patient consents to exam, SANE is activated through beeper system and responds within 60 minutes • Exam includes a thorough physical exam with swabs to obtain DNA and other legal evidence.

What does a SANE rn do?

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner is a registered nurse who completed additional education and training to provide comprehensive health care to survivors of sexual assault. The SANE ultimately provides culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate, trauma-informed, and patient-specific evaluation and treatment.

What does SANE nurse stand for?

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) is a Registered Nurse who has received special training so that s/he can provide comprehensive care to sexual assault victims. In addition s/he is able to conduct a forensic exam and may provide expert testimony if a case goes to trial.

What is in a SANE kit?

The examiner collects biological evidence, such as saliva, blood, semen, urine, skin cells and hair by taking swabs of the victim’s skin, genitalia, anus and mouth, scraping under the victim’s fingernails and combing through the victim’s hair.

What is the difference between SANE A and SANE P?

There are two different credentials available under the SANE designation: SANE-A for adult and adolescent examiners, and SANE-P, which is specifically for pediatric victims. A SANE will also supply medical referrals for additional medical care or possible follow ups to document how they are healing.

Who can perform SANE exam?

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners To become a SANE, you must first be a registered nurse (or advanced practice), preferably with two years or more experience in areas of practice that require advanced physical assessment skills, such as emergency, critical care and maternal child health.