What is the meaning for plodded?

What is the meaning for plodded?

to walk heavily or move laboriously; trudge: to plod under the weight of a burden. to proceed in a tediously slow manner: The play just plodded along in the second act. to work with constant and monotonous perseverance; drudge.

What is a synonym for Evergreen?

synonyms for more evergreen

  • endless.
  • enduring.
  • eternal.
  • everlasting.
  • indestructible.
  • never-ending.
  • timeless.
  • constant.

How do you use plodded in a sentence?

Plodded Sentence Examples She plodded slowly away from her feed trough. After a brief look at her, he plodded back out of the dairy. Dean heaved a deep sigh and plodded out to the kitchen for coffee. Fred O’Connor plodded down the stairs carrying a wrapped present and set it by her chair.

What is meaning of plodded in Marathi?

walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud.

What is the sentence of courtyard?

Courtyard sentence example. She looked again at the sunlit courtyard beyond her window. He followed the group to the courtyard to spar. The sounds of sparring in the courtyard drew no interest this morning.

What is the synonym and antonym of courtyard?

noun. ( ˈkɔrtˌjɑːrd) An area wholly or partly surrounded by walls or buildings. Antonyms. disassembly refrain.

How do you use evergreen in a sentence?

Evergreen in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Even during the winter, and evergreen tree still keeps its green leaves or pines, never losing them to the cold.
  2. An evergreen plant will stay alive all year round, not dying or hibernating during the winter but simply staying strong throughout it.

What does the meaning of Evergreen?

evergreen \EV-er-green\ adjective. 1 : having foliage that remains green and functional through more than one growing season. 2 a : retaining freshness or interest : perennial. b : universally and continually relevant : not limited in applicability to a particular event or date.

What is the sentence of bulging?

1. Her pockets were bulging with presents. 2. Jiro waddled closer, his belly bulging and distended.

What is a sentence for bulge?

The large hill looked like a small bulge in the land when viewed from a distance. She tucked the small box into her jeans pocket and covered the bulge with her sweater, ducking into the bathroom to hide it before rejoining Ully for their small lunch.

What is the meaning of the word plodded?

Define plodded. plodded synonyms, plodded pronunciation, plodded translation, English dictionary definition of plodded. v. plod·ded , plod·ding , plods v. intr. 1. To move or walk heavily or laboriously; trudge: “donkeys that plodded wearily in a circle round a gin” . 2. Plodded – definition of plodded by The Free Dictionary

What did the three plodding on do?

The three plodded on, taking a diligent constitutional walk, exchanging very few words, and those chiefly between the girls. Behind the automobile plodded a forlorn mule dragging a wagon-load of empty boxes.

What is the meaning of plodded on the Moon?

The astronaut plodded on the moon’s surface. verb. Plodded is defined as moved heavily or with a lot of effort. An example of plodded is what the astronaut did when walking with very heavy boots on. YourDictionary definition and usage example.