Does it snow at Chiricahua National Monument?

Does it snow at Chiricahua National Monument?

Snowstorms can occur from late fall through early spring, and may bring up to a foot of snow, but the snow rarely lingers except on shaded northern slopes at the highest elevations. This 2014 Resource Brief has basic information about climate change and how it is impacting the monument.

What is the elevation of Chiricahua National Monument?

5,124 feet
Chiricahua National Monument ranges from 5,124 feet / 1,562 meters in elevation at the entrance station to 7,310 feet / 2,228 meters at the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Are the Chiricahua Mountains open?

Chiricahua National Monument is open year-round and does not charge an entrance fee. The visitor center is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Mountain Standard Time. Check the current Arizona time.

Are there bears in Chiricahua National Monument?

Black bears roam the Chiricahua Mountains, and sometimes are seen inside the monument boundaries, especially during summer. Chiricahua National Monument encompasses a variety of habitat types, resulting in an extraordinary collection of animal species.

Is Chiricahua National Monument worth visiting?

Formed from humongous volcanic eruptions some 120 million years ago, then eroded into millions of hoodoos, this is one National monument that’s worth the extra driving to get to.

Can you drive through the Chiricahua Mountains?

Chiricahua National Monument has a ‘back door’ of sorts. You can reach the park from the east, by driving over some rough dirt roads. In the process, you’ll experience some wild backcountry in this far-flung corner of Arizona.

What is the elevation of the Chiricahua Mountains?

Chiricahua Mountains/Elevation

The highest point, Chiricahua Peak, has an altitude of 9,750 feet above sea level, and is approximately 6,000 feet higher than the surrounding valleys.

Are there mountain lions in the Chiricahua Mountains?

Large mammals, such as the black bear and mountain lion, have enough space to find the resources (prey) they need in order to survive. The forests and grasslands provide food and shelter for Coues white-tailed deer, javelina, and others. Many smaller mammals also occur within the Monument.

How old is Chiricahua National Monument?

Chiricahua National Monument was established in 1924 to preserve and protect the pinnacles. In 1934 the Civilian Conservation Corps began improving the road and building trails and structures. The park comprises 12,025 acres (4,866 hectares); 84 percent is designated as wilderness.

What is the elevation of portal Arizona?


What is there to do in Portal AZ?

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What does Chiricahua mean in English?

Apache people
: a member of an Apache people of Arizona.