What is the function of inferior oblique muscle?

What is the function of inferior oblique muscle?

The inferior oblique muscle externally rotates, elevates, and abducts the eye.

What is inferior oblique?

Inferior oblique is a thin, narrow muscle of the eye. It is one of the 6 extraocular muscles, also referred to as the extrinsic muscles of the orbit. The primary action of this muscle is to elevate and abduct (laterally move) the eyeball.

What is the function of internal obliques?

Function. Along with other abdominal wall muscles, the internal oblique muscle flexes and bends the trunk, assists forced expiration by depressing the lower ribs, and helps to maintain intra-abdominal pressure in defecation, micturition and childbirth.

What movement would be produced by contracting the inferior oblique?

inferior oblique produces To direct the eye upward or downward, two muscles contract synergistically as the two antagonist muscles relax.

What is the function of inferior rectus?

The inferior rectus has a primary action of depressing the eye, causing the cornea and pupil to move inferiorly. The inferior rectus originates from the Annulus of Zinn and courses anteriorly and laterally along the orbital floor, making an angle of 23 degrees with the visual axis.

What is the function of the superior oblique muscle?

These muscles are unique in that they do not originate from the common tendinous ring, have an angular attachment to the eyeball, and they attach to the posterior aspect of the eyeball. The superior oblique functions explicitly to move the eye in the down-and-out position and intort the eye.

Where is inferior oblique?

anterior orbit
The inferior oblique is the only extraocular muscle to have its anatomic origin in the anterior orbit. The muscle runs from the medial corner of the orbit to the lateral aspect of the globe, its length approximately paralleling the tendon of insertion of the superior oblique muscle.

What joint does the obliques cross?

JOINT CROSSED: hip and knee.

What happens when the trochlear nerve is damaged?

Patients with trochlear nerve palsy complain of double vision vertically (vertical diplopia) or the images being tilted or rotated (torsional diplopia). The diplopia is binocular and may worsen or improve in different gazes.

What is the function of superior oblique muscle?

What does inferior oblique mean?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Inferior oblique muscle. The obliquus oculi inferior is a thin, narrow muscle placed near the anterior margin of the floor of the orbit. The inferior oblique is an extraocular muscle, and is attached to the maxillary bone and the posterior, inferior, lateral surface of the eye.

What does the inferior oblique muscle of the eye do?

Inferior oblique. Two of those muscles, the superior and inferior rectus, move the eye up and down when the eye is rotated away from the nose. When the eye is turned toward the nose, the inferior oblique muscle is responsible for elevating the eye, turning the top of it away from the nose, and moving it outward.

What is the function of the external abdominal oblique?

External oblique. These muscles help pull the chest, as a whole, downwards, which compresses the abdominal cavity. Although relatively minor in scope, the external oblique muscle also supports the rotation of the spine. Since the muscle contributes to a variety of trunk movements, strain or injury to the muscle can be debilitating.

What are symptoms of superior oblique palsy?

Common symptoms of superior oblique palsy are a head turn or chin down posture and floating up of one eye when looking to the sides. The upward float of the eyes is caused by over-action of the opposite muscle (inferior oblique muscle).