What is agar plating method?

What is agar plating method?

A simple method for detection and enumeration of alkylbenzenesulfonate (ABS)-degrading microorganisms by using agar plates was developed and used in microbiological studies of coastal marine and polluted river waters. The method depends upon the color responses of neutral red in alkaline medium.

What is the method for preparing a bacterial plate?

Preparing the agar plates for growth of a colony of bacteria

  1. Glass petri dishes and agar gel must be sterilised before use by using an autoclave , or pre-sterilised plastic petri dishes can be bought.
  2. Pour the agar into the sterile petri dishes and allow to set fully.

What is Petri dish agar?

A Petri dish (Petri plate) is a shallow cylindrical glass lidded dish that is typically used to culture microorganisms (agar plates). This helps prevent the contamination of the new culture. Agar is a polymer made up of various sub-units of galactose and various species of red algae.

How do you inoculate agar plates with bacteria?

To inoculate the agar, lift the lid of the Petri dish and tilt. Do not fully remove or place on the desk as the lid prevents micro-organisms from the air contaminating the culture, and vice versa. Following inoculation, the lid of the Petri dish should be secured in place by strips of adhesive tape for safety reasons.

How do you label agar plates?

Label around the edge of the bottom (not the lid) of an agar plate with at least your name, the date, the type of growth medium, and the type of organism to be plated on the medium. The plates must be completely dry without condensation on the lid and pre-warmed to room temperature prior to streak-plating.

How do you inoculate agar plates?

A small amount of sample is placed onto a section of the surface of an agar plate with either a sterile swab or flamed inoculating loop. This is called the initial inoculum. The loop is sterilised and used to spread out the initial inoculum in one direction to make several streaks.

How do you inoculate a culture plate?

Using a sterile pipette tip or toothpick, select a single colony from your LB agar plate. Drop the tip or toothpick into the liquid LB + antibiotic and swirl. Loosely cover the culture with sterile aluminum foil or a cap that is not air tight. Incubate bacterial culture at 37°C for 12-18 hr in a shaking incubator.

How do you take samples from agar agar plates?

When ready to use, let dishes come to room temperature before taking samples (about one hour). Collect bacteria from each location using one swab (or resterilized innoculating loop) for each new spot. Inoculate each dish by streaking a pattern gently across the entire agar surface without tearing into it.

What is the agar diffusion method?

The agar diffusion method was developed as a practical alternative to the agar and broth tube dilution procedures.

How do you grow bacteria on nutrient agar?

The methodology includes the inoculation of bacterial cells on nutrient agar Petri dishes and test samples are laid over these dishes. Afterward, the dishes are incubated for 18–24 h at 37°C and thereafter, the growth of bacteria is determined below the nanofibrous scaffolds (zone of inhibition).

How do you use aseptic technique for melting agar?

Use aseptic technique throughout this procedure. Use either a serological pipette or micropipettor to transfer your sample to the plate. Control the flow of the sample so it does not splash out of the plate. Remove the cap from the tube of the melted agar, and pass the rim of the open tube through the flame of the Bunsen burner.