Is Jabil a good company to work for?

Is Jabil a good company to work for?

Overall great company. Jabil has a very diverse culture especially in management (CEO was a manufacturing supervisor previously). Overall great company. Everyone collaborates effectively and timely. Pay is great.

Is Jabil a contract manufacturer?

As an established contract manufacturer, Jabil has capabilities in product design and manufacturing, as well as expertise in composite materials and miniaturization. It counts Apple, Cisco, and Skullcandy among its customers.

Where is Jabil Circuit based?

St. Petersburg, Florida
Headquartered in the Gateway area of St. Petersburg, Florida, it is one of the largest companies in the Tampa Bay area. Jabil has 100 plants in 30 countries, and 260,000 employees worldwide.

What kind of company is Jabil?

manufacturing services company
Jabil Inc. operates as a manufacturing services company. The Company offers digital prototyping, printed electronics, device integration, circuit designing, and volume board assembly services. Jabil serves automotive, consumer health, data centers, energy, and defense and aerospace sectors worldwide.

Does Jabil pay weekly or biweekly?

You Get Paid Every Friday.

Does Jabil make chips?

Currently, Jabil has multiple facilities manufacturing products with 01005 chips, CSPs, POPs, and COBs.

How much does the CEO of Jabil make?

Mark Mondello made $12,718,388 in total compensation as Chief Executive Officer and Director at Jabil Inc in 2020. $1,144,904 was received as Total Cash, $11,561,521 was received as Equity and $11,963 was received as Pension and other forms of compensation.

Where is Jabil headquarters?

St. Petersburg, FL

How many countries is Jabil in?

Jabil offers end-to-end, comprehensive engineering capabilities with operations at over 90 sites in 23 countries.

What does Jabil do for Apple?

Jabil Circuit, is a manufacturing firm that makes encasements for Apple’s iPhones and iPad. Jabil JBL +0.4% stock is down -17% this year, as the Coronavirus impacted the company’s electronic manufacturing services business. Corning GLW +0.1% produces specialty glass, ceramics, and related materials.

Is Jabil a semiconductor?

Jabil Precision Automation Solutions provides excellence in semiconductor manufacturing by integrating the latest in inspection process tools with our high-performance wafer handling systems to support the inspection of physical and pattern defects on a wafer.

What is Mark Mondello salary?

Mark Mondello

Salary $1,144,904
Non-Equity Incentive Plan Compensation $0
Change in Pension Value and Deferred Compensation Earnings $0
All Other Compensation $11,963
Total $12,718,388

Where are Jabil’s medical device reprocessing facilities located?

The Maple Grove operation is Jabil’s only medical device reprocessing facility. In August of 2018, Jabil began an exclusive 5-year engagement with SterilMed (a Johnson & Johnson company) to manage medical device reprocessing operations across 3 separate facilities in and around Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Where is the Jabil healthcare facility in Massachusetts?

Jabil Healthcare’s facility in Clinton, Massachusetts offers a wide range of capabilities including medical and consumer healthcare… Jabil Healthcare Devens manufacturing site includes molding and assembly cleanrooms, and a metrology lab for product development, mold…

Where is the Jabil healthcare Hachioji manufacturing site?

Jabil Healthcare Hachioji manufacturing site located in CyberSilkroad, mega technopark of high-tech businesses innanotechnology, biotechnology,… Jabil Hägendorf specializes in manufacturing of complex and innovative healthcare products for Trauma, Spine & CMF, such as instruments…

Where is Jabil Brandywine located?

Located in the township of West Chester, PA, just 30 miles southwest of Philadelphia, Jabil Brandywine produces a broad portfolio of products for the trauma and spine markets, as well as minimally invasive surgical procedures.