What are the duties of a community policing officer?

What are the duties of a community policing officer?

Community Policing Responsibilities. Community Police Officers are responsible for developing partnerships within the community in an effort to create a safe and secure environment. This can be accomplished through community mobilization, crime prevention efforts and problem solving (i.e., Neighborhood Watch, Citizen Patrol, etc.).

What are the duties of a patrol officer?

Patrolling assigned areas on foot or horseback or by car or bicycle,and being on the lookout for suspicious or illegal activity.

  • Performing on-the-scene investigations.
  • Helping people in trouble and rendering other public services.
  • Issuing citations,serving arrest warrants,and arresting people on misdemeanors and felony charges.
  • Pursuing fleeing suspects on foot.
  • Handcuffing and searching arrested persons and reading them their rights.
  • Immediately responding to reports of emergencies or possible crimes and offering the necessary assistance.
  • Regulating traffic,enforcing traffic laws,investigating traffic accidents,and assisting motorists in need.
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships with community members.
  • Completing all necessary paperwork and providing testimonies in court.
  • What works in community policing?

    Encouraging the community to help prevent crime by providing advice,talking to students and encouraging neighborhood watch groups.

  • Increased use of foot or bicycle patrols.
  • Increased officer accountability to the communities they serve.
  • Creating teams of officers to carry out community policing in designated neighborhoods.
  • Clear communication between the police and the communities about their objectives and strategies.
  • Partnerships with other organizations such as government agencies,community members,nonprofit service providers,private businesses and the media.
  • Moving toward some decentralizing of the police authority,allowing more discretion among lower-ranking officers,and more initiative expected from them.
  • What does Community Services Officer DO?

    Community Service Officer. A Community Service Officer (CSO) provides support in crime prevention, investigation, and response where full police powers are unnecessary and assists police officers in upholding law and order.