Is the MasterCard SecureCode program free?

Is the MasterCard SecureCode program free?

The program is free for consumers as well as merchants. With online payment security an ever-present concerns for both online shoppers and merchants alike, these Mastercard SecureCode claims deserve a closer look.

What are the benefits of being a SecureCode member?

– By particpating in SecureCode merchants can benefit from the liability shift (from merchant to issuer) which provides protection against “cardholder unauthorised” or “cardholder not recognised” chargebacks. Such protection is designed to reduce your chargeback exposure, losses and processing expenses.

What is mastermastercard identity check?

Mastercard identity check is backed by EMV® 3-D Secure authentication standards which helps enhance secure digital payment experience, improve conversion rates & more. Skip to Content Manage Cookies

Is SecureCode intergrated as part of the checkout experience?

A: Yes, SecureCode is intergrated as part of your checkout experience, shoppers may be requested to provide additional information to their card issuer during the checkout before their online transaction can be completed. Q: How can I download the Mastercard SecureCode logo to place on my Web site?

Does SecureCode lead to more cart abandonment?

In the past, Mastercard cardholders and merchants alike had some issues with the user experience because SecureCode used a pop-up window. Business owners were rightfully concerned because customers are naturally suspicious of pop-ups. The last thing any business owner wants when they try to improve security is also to increase cart abandonment.

What is SecureCode and how does it work?

SecureCode prevents unauthorized use in these types of situations because unlike a credit card number, SecureCode isn’t entered on a business’ site or shared over the phone. The SecureCode acts like a PIN between the issuing credit card company and the customer.

Does 3D Secure authentication include American Express SafeKey?

In some regions, 3D Secure authentication also includes American Express SafeKey. Your merchant account provider may offer 3DS authentication as part of its service, though you might also need to configure this option in your payment options if it isn’t enabled by default.