How do I check my bus schedule Montreal?

How do I check my bus schedule Montreal?


  1. Go to our home page,, under Getting Around.
  2. Click on the “Schedules and maps” button.
  3. Fill in the fields with your line and your bus stop.
  4. The window will show the next departures.
  5. Choose a schedule for the day, week or legal holidays, or create a customized schedule.

Is there an STM app?

1, the STM app , which works for Apple and Android devices, will no longer be supported , the transit corporation said on its website. The app can be used for trip planning and to find out bus and métro schedules.


The STM module is used to get the current system time (days:hours:minutes:seconds). The time is stored in a structure. The System Timer (STM) module counts the number of ticks since the last Application Reset. This number is used to calculate the current system time in day, hours, minutes and seconds.

How much is the bus in Montreal?


Fares Prices Conditions
1 trip $3.50 The only fare sold on the bus. Exact change required.
2 trips $6.50 One single user.
10 trips1 $30.00
Unlimited Evening2 $5.75 6 p.m. to 5 a.m.

How do you take the bus in Montreal?

Tickets may be purchased from ticket booth attendants or from vending machines in metro stations. If you pay cash aboard a bus, you will be given a ticket. When your ticket is validated, the date and time are stamped on the back, and you have 120 minutes to complete your trip.

Is Cote Vertu metro open?

Reopening of Côte-Vertu métro station The station is open to customers since Monday, August 23, 2021.

Is Montreal Metro Safe?

Le metro—Montreal’s affordable metro (often mislabeled the subway or underground) has 4 color-coded lines and 68 stops, ideal for seeing major attractions as well as getting off the beaten path. The metro is safe at any time of day; however, hours can vary by line.

Can I put my OPUS card on my phone?

You can now scan your OPUS card with your phone to find out how many fares you have left. In September, the ARTM announced that transit users were invited to test out a feature that will allow people to purchase and reload an OPUS card using a smartphone.

Can I track bus location?

You can track your bus on a map and use the information to plan your commute to the boarding point and to get off at the right stop. Whether you are running late or early, use the app to know which boarding point is the closest to you and check the estimated time of arrival of the bus at that stop.

What is SDM?

The collaborative process between a clinician and patient to arrive at a healthcare decision together is known as Shared Decision Making (SDM). We believe the best healthcare decisions combine the patient’s preferences with the clinician’s expertise.

What is the full form STM?

scanning tunneling microscope (STM)

How many bus routes does the STM have in Montreal?

The STM has 217 Bus routes in Montreal with 8806 Bus stops. Their Bus routes cover an area from the Sainte-Anne / Marguerite-Bourgeoys stop to the 100e Avenue / Bureau stop and from the 100e Avenue / Bureau stop to the Sainte-Anne / Perrault stop. Do you work for STM? Partner with us! The Most Popular Urban Mobility App in Montreal.

Where can I find information on STM bus service alerts?

For STM service alerts, please check the Moovit website for real-time info on bus status, bus delays, changes of bus routes, changes of stops and any service changes. STM is a public transportation provider in Montreal which operates Bus routes since 2002. The STM has 217 Bus routes in Montreal with 8806 Bus stops.

What are the most popular STM bus lines?

According to Moovit Insights, the most popular lines for STM are 97, 27, 10, 164, 170. Do you work for STM? Partner with us! Looking for a specific STM Bus schedule?

How do I print a 10-min MAX bus schedule?

This pictogram identifies 10-min MAX bus lines. Under Useful Info, go to the Bus – Schedules page on the Networks section, select the bus line and stop that you want, and click on « Week ». You can print your customized bus schedule or save a copy on your computer or cellphone.