Is Malta worth visiting in winter?

Is Malta worth visiting in winter?

Malta in the winter offers mild temperatures, and plenty of sunshine. Even in the middle of icy winter elsewhere in Europe you will find temperatures around a minimum of 15 degrees Celsius (60 Fahrenheit). Not only will you find plenty of sunshine but traveling to Malta in winter or autumn offers other benefits.

Is Malta worth visiting in January?

Is Malta warm in January? The short answer is yes, if you’re looking to get sunshine during the darker and colder months of the year, January can be a good time to visit. However, don’t expect summer heat and to be spending days on the beach.

Is Malta good for winter sun?

Malta has sunshine pretty much all year round, making it the perfect winter sun holiday destination for a winter sun holiday. The mild conditions in Malta over the winter months allows you to enjoy Malta’s landscape and culture in a more cooler yet sunny climate.

What is there to do in Malta in February?

Here’s our guide to this month’s best things to see and do in Malta and Gozo this February.

  • The Feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck.
  • Love is in the air in Gozo.
  • The Malta Marathon.
  • Join the fun of the Nadur Carnival.
  • Explore the beauty of the Maltese countryside.
  • Watch The Boat at the Eden Cinemas in St Julian’s.

Do you haggle in Malta?

Haggling is a necessity on Maltese markets while shops usually have fixed prices for their goods.

Is Malta busy in December?

December is a busy month in Malta due to the Christmas season. Many expats living abroad return to the island to spend time with family or friends, while many choose to take a festive break in a warm country. This means that places of accommodation fill up quickly.

Can you sunbathe in Malta in January?

The weather in Malta in January is cold, but it is also sunny. Still it is pleasant to come during this time of the year. At the same time it can be a very beautiful sunny day. Malta’s climate in January will definitely be preferable to the UK’s, making it an ideal winter sun holiday location.

Is Malta hot in December?

Is it warm in Malta in December? The Maltese weather is still pleasant in December, and certainly warm enough to feel like a holiday with around five hours of sunshine each day. Average temperatures are around 16°C, and it can be rainy so take an umbrella out just in case.

Is Malta Nice in February?

Is February a good time to visit Malta? February is an amazing time to visit Malta if you’re looking for a mild winter trip but are willing to risk a few days of possible rain and bad weather. You won’t be disappointed if you do decide to chance it.

Is Malta OK in February?

February in Malta is still considered to be one of the coldest months of the year. Temperatures during this time range on average between 9-15o C (49-59o F), while sea temperatures are usually around 15o C (58o F). This might not seem too extreme for you if you’re visiting from a much colder climate.

What time is golden hour in Malta?

Valletta, Malta – Position of the sun in the sky on January 2, 2022

Time: Duration:
Sunrise 07:12
Golden Hour 07:12 – 07:50 37 min.
Zenith 12:05
Golden Hour 16:21 – 16:59 37 min.

What is Christmas like in Malta?

A common tradition in Malta is the Christmas Eve procession followed by Midnight Mass service. Since the majority of Malta’s population are Catholics, the procession and Mass are attended by many locals. During the mass, carols are sung and the story of the nativity is re-told by a young child, instead of a priest.

The sun being slightly lower in the sky brings out the yellows and oranges of the sandstone buildings that Malta is famous for. Although transport is scaled down, it’s still easy to get around the islands. There are a some downsides of visiting Malta in winter.

What are the best indoor activities to do in Malta?

The highlights to see include the Royal Opera House (now an open-air theatre after it was destroyed by a 1942 air raid), St John’s Co-Cathedral, Manoel Theatre and the Upper Barrakka Gardens. For museums, try the National Museum of Archaeology and the Museum of Fine Arts. Another great indoor activity to try is a trip to Malta 5D.

Why visit Valletta in the winter?

On cool or mild winter days, Valletta makes for a great day of exploration. Its central streets and narrow cobbled alleys are a pleasure to wander around, while there are a multitude of museums, churches and eateries to escape into should you need an injection of indoor warmth. The main entrance to Valletta is through its imperious City Gate.

Why is Malta so popular?

Malta is one of those rare places that can appeal to any kind of traveller. Not only is it charmed with awe-inspiring natural scenery, sandy beaches and a pleasant climate, it also has an absorbing history and a captivating local culture to discover. Even better, its Mediterranean setting means there is plenty to do all year round!