How wide is a VW LT35?

How wide is a VW LT35?

The LT35 is more compact than the LT46, with an overall length of 5.585 metres and width of 1.933 metres, while the LT46 is 6.535 metres and 1.994 metres wide, dimensions that relate well to the purpose these vehicles are intended for. They all have a fuel tank capacity of 80 litres.

How heavy is a LT35?

This example has the medium wheelbase of 3.55m, and a kerb weight (with a full 80-litre tank and a 75kg driver) of around 1,715kg, for a body/payload allowance of 1,785kg. After the body is fitted, the nominal payload comes down to 1,515kg—slightly less than that of the 1VIWB high-roof van.

What is VW LT?

The Volkswagen Transporter LT is the largest light commercial panel van produced by Volkswagen (and subsequently Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as of 1996) from 1975 to 2006, before being replaced by the Crafter.

In what year did the LT name change to crafter?

In 2006 the Volkswagen Crafter was launched to replace it’s predecessor the Volkswagen LT.

How long is an LT35 LWB?

The dimensions shown above are for the Volkswagen LT 35 LWB, 2.8L, Diesel, 5 SP MAN ….Volkswagen LT Dimensions 2006.

Volkswagen LT Height 2570mm
Volkswagen LT Length 6535mm
Volkswagen LT Ground clearance unladen 189mm
Volkswagen LT Wheelbase 4025mm
Volkswagen LT Weight 2014kg

How long is a VW LT35?

FEET 6.56

What class is a VW Crafter?

Light commercial vehicle

Volkswagen Crafter
Class Light commercial vehicle (M)
Body style Panel van Minibus Double cab Chassis cab
Layout FF layout FR layout
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When was the LT2 launched in the UK?

LT2: 1996-2006 The LT2 was the first new vehicle to be launched by the newly-founded Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand and took the popular model into the modern age.

What does diesel platform chassis mean?

A platform chassis is a separate chassis for a car or small vehicle. It is distinguished from other forms of chassis by being arranged as largely a single flat steel sheet, usually with additional box section stiffeners.

How much weight can a Crafter carry?

Finally let’s look at the large panel vans: a MWB Volkswagen Crafter can carry between 1,076kg and 1,477kg depending on the model, while a LWB version can carry between 1,000kg and 1,326kg.

Is Sprinter and Crafter the same?

The VW Crafter shares much with the Mercedes Sprinter, and it makes a lot of sense with multiple wheelbase and body options. The Volkswagen Crafter (known internally as the LT3, as it was the replacement for the long-running LT series) was built alongside the Mercedes Sprinter in Germany from 2006 to 2016.

What are the dimensions of a VW Crafter?

The interior dimensions (length) of the Volkswagen Crafter cargo space is 102.4″ (L1), 142.7″ (L2), 169.3″ (L3), and 185″ (L4). The interior width of the Crafter is 70.1″ and the exterior width is 95.5″. The interior height of the Volkswagen Crafter is 65″ (H1), 76.4″ (H2), and 84.3″ (H3).

Can the LT35 be used on the road?

The LT35 hydraulic is completely portable and ready for road travel with a standard single axle trailer and electric brakes. Six adjustable outriggers allow for quick set-up and simple leveling of the bed prior to sawing.

What is included with the LT35 hydraulic portable sawmill?

The LT35 hydraulic portable sawmill comes fully assembled with one Wood-Mizer sawmill blade. Free one-on-one sawmill training by an experienced service representative is included during your Wood-Mizer location pick up or home delivery.

What are the maximum dimensions and weights for transport?

Maximum dimensions and weights for transport. Length: Combined overall is 65 feet or 19.812 meters. Trailer length: 48 feet or 14.6304 meters. Some 53 feet or 16.1544 meters.

What are the regulations for heavy haul and oversize trucking?

Regulations for heavy haul and oversize trucking can be very complex once a shipment has been determined “heavy” or “oversize” and there is a classification system within each state that can even qualify a shipment as a “super load”. Once dimensions or weights exceed the legal maximums transport permits are required.