What is the treatment for pelvic fracture?

What is the treatment for pelvic fracture?

Treatment depends on how bad the injury is. With a minor fracture, the most common treatment is bed rest, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications or prescription painkillers. Physical therapy, the use of crutches and, rarely, surgery may be recommended. Healing can take eight to 12 weeks.

Why is a broken pelvis life threatening?

When the strong pelvic ligaments that hold the pelvis bones together tear, it is called an open-book pelvis injury. This type of fracture is dangerous because large arteries pass near these ligaments and if they are torn as well, massive blood loss can result. Lateral crush injury.

What happens when your pelvis is broken?

With a broken pelvis you cannot walk, sit or move well without pain. The pelvis protects the bladder, intestines and many important blood vessels. Many of the important leg muscles and abdominal muscles attach to the pelvis and allow for body motion and function.

What is the most serious complication of pelvic fracture?

The biggest long term complication of a broken pelvis is the development of arthritis. The main reason doctors operate on these fractures is that they know from past experience that if they leave the fractures in a poor position, although they will often heal, arthritis may follow within five years.

Can a pelvic injury cause death?

Most deaths were caused by severe head injury, nonpelvic hemorrhage, and multiple organ failure. Although the pelvic fracture may result in prolonged hospitalization, and can be a cause of extended disability, it is an infrequent cause of mortality.

Can fractured pelvis cause death?

What are the treatment options for pelvic fractures?

Treatment for pelvic fractures can be non-surgical or surgical depending on the stability of the broken bone and whether the fracture is displaced or not. Severe pelvic fractures usually require surgery. Nonsurgical treatment is recommended for stable pelvic fractures that are non-displaced.

What is a pelvic fracture and how serious is it?

A pelvic fracture is a break in any one of those bones. Some pelvic fractures involve breaking more than one of the bones, and these are particularly serious as the bones are more likely to slip out of line. What types of pelvic fracture are there? How serious is a pelvic fracture? What causes pelvic fractures?

Do you have to have surgery for a broken pelvis?

Surgery If the pelvis fracture is unstable, you are likely to require surgery. The goal of most pelvis fracture surgeries is to reposition the broken bones and stabilize them so that they remain aligned during healing. Most pelvis fractures are surgically treated in one of the following ways:

Can you cast a pelvic fracture?

It seems like it would be kind of hard to cast a pelvic fracture. Dr. Rothberg: Yeah, that’s true. Dr. Miller: It’s like a rib. You can’t cast ribs. Dr. Rothberg: We don’t cast pelvic fractures. What we’re trying to figure out when we’re working up some of the pelvic fractures is is the pelvis stable or unstable?