How do I get Statspack report on 11g?

How do I get Statspack report on 11g?

To install Statspack, perform the following:

  1. Start SQL*Plus.
  2. Connect as a user with SYSDBA privilege. For example: SQL> CONNECT / AS SYSDBA.
  3. Run the SPCREATE. SQL script.
  4. Enter appropriate information when prompted for the PERFSTAT user’s password, default tablespace, and temporary tablespace.

How do I get my Statspack report?

How to generate your Oracle 12c STATSPACK report

  1. Log in to SQL*Plus from the operating system as the new PERFSTAT user with the password you chose during installation and type sqlplus perfstat.
  2. Type @?/rdbms/admin/spreport.
  3. Enter number 11 from the preceding list.
  4. Enter a name for the report.

How do I check my Statspack level?

To check your STATSPACK collection level: SELECT * FROM stats$level_description ORDER BY snap_level; Change the STATSPACK collection level to level 5 like this: exec statspack. snap(i_snap_level => 5, i_modify_parameter => ‘true’);

What is the difference between Statspack and AWR in Oracle?

The AWR repository holds all of the statistics available in STATSPACK as well as some additional statistics which are not. An important difference between STATSPACK and the AWR is that STATSPACK does not store history for new metric statistics introduced in Oracle10g.

How do I run Statspack report in Oracle 9i?

Using Statspack Report in oracle 9i

  1. Create PERFSTAT Tablespace:
  2. To Install statspack:
  3. To take a snapshot manually:
  4. Adjusting the STATSPACK Collection Level:
  5. To schedule an hourly snapshot:
  6. To Create statspack report:
  7. To delete snapshots:
  8. To list all generated snapshots:

Is AWR available in Standard Edition?

Oracle AWR in Standard Edition I was assigned to collect performance data in an unfamiliar database. While I ran AWR report by executing @?/rdbms/admin/awrrpt. sql under SQL prompt, I got an empty report with many errors (ORA-20023 and others) like this: It’s definitely a standard edition database.

How do I run Statspack report in Oracle 12c?

Generating Statspack reports

  1. In a SQL client, log in to the Oracle DB with the PERFSTAT account.
  2. Create a snapshot using either of the following techniques: Create a Statspack snapshot manually.
  3. View the snapshots using the following query:
  4. Run the Amazon RDS procedure rdsadmin.
  5. Monitor the output for errors.
  6. (Optional)

Is AWR report available in Standard Edition?

Where is Oracle AWR report?

To generate an AWR Compare Periods report for Oracle RAC on the local database instance using the command-line interface:

  1. At the SQL prompt, enter: @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/awrgdrpt.sql.
  2. Specify whether you want an HTML or a text report: Enter value for report_type: html.

How do I generate a Statpack report in Oracle 12c?

What do Statspack reports look for?

In a nutshell, the most important areas to read in any STATSPACK report are the top-5 timed events and the statistics for the major database events. The I/O statistics are also very useful.

How do I open AWR reports?

If you are using SQL Developer 4 onward, you can view AWR reports directly from SQL Developer. If it is not already showing, open the DBA pane “View > DBA”, expand the connection of interest, then expand the “Performance” node. The AWR reports are available from the “AWR” node.

How do I create a statspack report?

Once the STATSPACK snapshots are collected you can create a STATSPACK report by executing the statspack.snap procedure. If you don’t like using the command-line interface, the Oracle Ion tool makes it easy to collect and analyze STATSPACK reports.

What is statspack in Oracle Database?

Statspack stores the performance statistics permanently in Oracle tables, which can later be used for reporting and analysis. The data collected can be analyzed using Statspack reports, which includes an instance health and load summary page, high resource SQL statements, and the traditional wait events and initialization parameters. See Also:

Do I need to run spreport on Oracle 10g to collect snapshots?

If you are using Oracle 10g, you should have automatic AWR snapshot collections and you only need to execute the spreport procedure. If you are not licensed for AWR and you want to use STATSPACK, you must first verify that you have properly installed STATSPACK to collect periodic snapshots.

Does statspack still work in 11g and 12C?

This means we cannot query any data from AWR nor ASH, and it makes things much more difficult in terms of diagnosing and solving performance issues. In this situation, one of the tools available to get AWR-like information is the old Statspack (which is actually the antecessor of AWR). Yes, it still works in 11g and 12c.