How do I get a desk copy from Cengage?

How do I get a desk copy from Cengage?

Get in Touch with Cengage

  1. For U.S. Instructor desk or review copies, email [email protected]
  2. Reach out to our support team through our portal.
  3. K12 Instructors: click here.

What is an instructor’s review copy?

Usually those are sent by the publishers to course instructors for them to see if the book is one they’d like to use for their classes. The instructors receive them free, but the content is the same.

Is Pearson a cengage?

Cengage and McGraw-Hill are behind Pearson, the world’s biggest education company, in market share.

Is Cengage Learning a publisher?

Cengage Learning, or Cengage, is a publisher. It makes and sells textbooks and other educational content. It is also a technology and services company. Their customers are in higher education, K-12, companies, and libraries around the world.

Is cengage free right now?

Students can access the materials for free via Cengage Unlimited regardless of whether their instructor uses Cengage materials. More information about these free resources is available at Faculty may also contact their local Cengage representative.

Is it worth getting cengage unlimited?

A) Cengage Unlimited helps address concerns about affordability. The more adopted Cengage materials you need, the more valuable Cengage Unlimited is. When your required Cengage titles exceed the tiered subscription price, Cengage Unlimited is a good option for you! You ONLY need one purchase Cengage Unlimited once.

How do I request an instructor copy Pearson?

If you are a college educator and need a copy of a title, find it in our catalog, select “Request a copy” on the product page, then complete the online form. Your request will be sent to a Pearson rep for review and fulfillment.

How can I get Desk copies of textbooks?

A “desk copy” is a complimentary copy of a textbook that a faculty member has selected for use in a class. The department or faculty member arranges for the delivery of these books by directly contacting the publisher or publisher’s representative.

Is cengage Nelson?

TORONTO, May 28, 2020 /CNW/ – Nelson, Canada’s leading educational publisher, announced today that it is in discussions with Cengage, a global education and technology company, to terminate its long-standing distribution agreement in Canada to allow Cengage to operate directly in Canada through Cengage’s newly …

Does cengage have Pearson books?

Pearson+ and Cengage Unlimited are much more than just a bucket of textbooks, they’ll say; the subscription also includes features like online annotation, portability across devices, quizzes and flashcards, real-time online support, etc.

Is Cengage Nelson?

Does Cengage have Pearson books?

How do I request a copy of my Pearson exam?

We encourage certified college instructors to request desk or review copies from their Pearson representative. Just look for the “Request exam copy” link on any product page in our catalog.

How do I request exam/desk copies of my textbooks?

You may request exam/desk copies by following the steps below: Log in to your instructor account at If the textbook that you would like has not yet been added to your account, add it by searching by title, ISBN (recommended), etc.

How do I submit a course to Cengage Learning?

Provide the required course details, such as the name, enrollment size, decision date, and class start date. Add a shipping address or confirm an existing address if one is on file. Click Submit Request. If the above steps do not work, please reach out to your Cengage Learning Consultant or contact Customer Support at (800) 354-9706.

What is Cengage infuse?

Cengage Infuse enables simple course set-up right in your LMS—allowing you to choose assessments and eTextbook content to insert cleanly into your course. Develop students’ business skills through online homework with engaging content and real-time feedback, plus videos and study tools.