Help with essay: 15 risks for your academic success

Do you think you need help writing essays? This article shows how to write an essay. Only small changes in your approach – is all that is needed for success. All you need for successful writing is to stop the following actions:


  1. Multitasking

Maybe, do not bring the results of numerous studies that have shown that multitasking is very ineffective in most cases. Stop killing your productivity.

Every time that the essay reflects, feelings too much time if you do not spend most of his friends to meet and look at pictures or funny videos. If this is a common practice, it is time to develop new habits. Set the timer, set the benchmark and monitor the process.

  1. Striving for excellence

This is another obstacle that your time and energy to steal – excessive your commitment to excellence. In addition, it can be an occasion to write in the essay to ask for help. Main symptoms: spend too much time on the choice of subject and / or jam in the stage of investigation. Here is a quick guide to overcome perfectionism:

  • You cannot find the topic? Close your eyes and place your finger randomly from a list of topics. The theme for that you get that is what you need. Easy to edit or send in your direction;
  • No corresponding resource? Any shortcomings that many who are in this field and discuss what you found. Alternatively, in the most severe cases, see the previous paragraph and change your theme, exploring the choices that you will be easier.
  1. Using an outdated concept study

Today we have a mobile application or for the entire program. They are likely to use the app for photos, to filter or select the best recipe. What online tools do not write essays?

These types of applications and websites can make your life easier:

  • By editing and correcting text;
  • As to the source;
  • Management believes that the results of your search.
  1. No need to reinvent the wheel

Education, for example – one of the best tactical research. Instead, a blank screen, you can find sample tests on the topic of your search. It may inspire you to accelerate the research and writing.

  1. Ignoring the standard structure

Try to be creative, student’s sometimes extraordinary skills in essay format to use to show their creativity.

In most cases, it is not productive, and teachers appreciated your efforts.

Build a better standard test works:

  • presentations;
  • 3 or more key points;
  1. Fatigue player

Never underestimate the importance of attracting attention to the elements, especially in the first paragraph. If you read the tire from the start, you always lose.

Established methods to consider:

  • Rhetorical question;
  • Dialogue with the reader;
  • stories;
  • Jokes or jokes;
  • statistics;
  • Breaking News;
  • Amazing facts.
  1. Do not forget to charges

Set can store your entire essay. Insert the findings at the end of the introductory paragraph and does not perform the following functions:

  • The main points in compressed form;
  • express its position;
  • Vision development plan for the entire operation.

For example: “Scientists have proven that color, mood and performance hit someone, so design office should be aligned not only to personal preference manager, but psychological counseling.”

  1. Repeat ideas

The repetition of the same idea, just the right amount of text is a common mistake. Your conclusion should reflect your input and is the only place, where justified by repetition.

  1. “Empty fillers”

Other trick students used to improve their expertise without adding valuable content is the addition of “empty loads.”

Do not try to use such phrases and always remove them if they are from time to time to review your documents: Actually; Actually; in general; for any purpose; as; because of; Actually; Actually; I mean; in general; despite the fact that; in particular; to a certain extent.

  1. Jumping from one idea to another

When working on the essay reader to help your thought process to understand, including the transition between different sections. Although logical transition between sections seem obvious, do not forget that connecting element containing any doubt or solve any possible misunderstanding.

  1. Organize your references and citations

Even if you master storytelling, using the ideas of others without proper publication, citing its sources plagiarism.

Make sure your sources reveal, if you ask the following:

  • scientific discovery;
  • statistics;
  • Data and figures;
  • The facts are not well known and not yours.
  1. Ignore document format

Fields fonts and spacing of the line is important. Make sure you qualify your style of leadership there, or use a common standard (if your boss has no other requirements):

  • Font: Arial or Times New Roman 12;
  • Distance: Double;
  • Margins: 1 inch or 2.43 cm from all sides.
  1. Ignoring grammar

Most of the time the error can spoil the impression of the whole document text errors to check are required. In the list below, you can help:

  • The object and purpose;
  • Pronoun;
  • Temporary shape;
  • Often confused words.
  1. Create punctuation errors

The following list will help you greatly improve your punctuation. Avoid at all costs:

  • Set of two or more parts, between which there is no true union connection or punctuation;
  • Offers of grammatical errors;
  • Punctuation errors.
  1. Ignore stylistic errors

Another reason why you need help in writing essays is your writing style. Its main task is to view your essay to make a scientific work. These tips will help eliminate occasional drawbacks:

  • Avoid unjustified formulations.

Example: “Smoking is disgusting”

Always keep an opinion on the evidence or citations.

For example: “In 2014, the study confirmed that smoking is harmful to the lungs.”

  • Avoid categorical language.

For example: “Students must learn day and night.”

In modal verbs such as “may”, “could”, “may”, “could” and “place.” For example: “Longer periods of study and time management can improve the performance of the student.”

  • Use distance and try to write in the third person.

For example: “It should be noted that Hamlet was one of the most popular games of the last century.” It is better than “I think that Hamlet was not bad. I saw it on TV.”

Use formal style. Avoid jargon, abbreviations or slang. We hope that you will not even read this line, because your project to perfection at this time is very close, and we no longer need the help of our audit. If you wish to know more on essay writing feel free to look at