55 advices on how to write essay by professionals

Did you know that your leaders hate to review test, even when you do not, they write. Because? Let us be honest: in most cases, your goal is to write an article and then quickly forgotten. Usually you do not work hard to make it interesting and creative. Of course, you must release your reasons for wanting the most out of your duties. Maybe you have many other problems that day or this subject seems annoying. Worse, you are afraid that some of your judgments are interpreted correctly.

Therefore, usually the top is not the true student reflects the opinion. Imagine that, so many variations of the same text to read repeatedly and over again. Check Polls – It is like the torture of Chinese water in which water slowly falls on the human front.


Suffering substitute teacher. Want to know the secret of how to do your essay had success with teachers? Make them originals. Here are some tips from the best 55 writers:

Inspiration Search

  1. Choose the right theme. Whenever possible, try to choose your question or choose an unusual approach to the subject you received. For example, if your top “Penguin” is, you can write about your mating rituals. However, make sure you study the subject; you can make the necessary materials.
  2. Unmount the subject. Set a goal and time for its execution in order to generate so many ideas for a specific period. This will increase your productivity.
  3. Create a plan or a map of ideas. Before each research execution, you need to decide what can be included in your trial arguments.
  4. Review citations (if applicable). Quotes from thinkers and experts on your famous question, you can help get started.
  5. Creating conditions. If you have some “humor writing” ritual, use them. Even if you do not, they create.

Be creative reasonably

  1. Invented Association. Compare to find a creative approach to researching for the subject with something else, the easiest and usually most appropriate way. For example, you can compare the old technical school with extinct species like dinosaurs. Check to see if it makes sense to use this phrase.
  2. Discuss unusual approaches. It is important to discuss different points of view. Talk the counter and try to make your essay of little-known facts more interesting.
  3. The search for new perspectives. Try to see the potential benefits that are considered negative or vice versa in general. For example, you can discuss the negative effects of bilingual education, which is generally found helpful.
  4. Create or vivid descriptions. Experience the reader’s feelings whenever possible contact.
  5. Try to destroy the myths. They never for granted. Try the habit of doubting everything and try to develop.

Conduct effective investigations

  1. Use the academic search engines. To avoid wasting time, unreliable resources follow the students to check the environment. These search engines like Google Scholar, LR VIRTUAL InfoMine and saves a lot of time.
  2. Choose the right words. Use a short, precise phrase for the keyword. Consider the use of synonyms.
  3. Check out samples of databases. Visit Brainia and Cyber test for access to tests and surveys with other students.
  4. Consult the bibliography of other works. Use the results of other researchers.
  5. Check the statistics and trends. Google Correlate – an easy way to access statistics and trends.

In the Enthusiasm for Your Writing

  1. Adding numbers, percentages and other amazing statistics.
  2. Name revolutionary breakthroughs.
  3. Discuss current issues.
  4. Readers of personal interest. Play. With your fears and self-motivation
  5. Add appropriate humor.

Use rhetorical devices

  1. Anaphora. Start a few sentences with the same set, for example. “If I could change the past, just to see its future”
  2. The epithet. For example, the “open-minded person”, “sunset purple-black sun” is.
  3. Oxymoron. To reconcile the irreconcilable: seriously funny, warm snow.
  4. Analogies. Comparison of two things, with corresponding words (as). “The atmosphere was like spring.”
  5. Metaphor. Comparing the two things without comparison words like “Eyes – the mirror of the soul”

Polishing your style

  1. Notice the presentation. Most authors recommend the use of “hooks” in the first paragraph.
  2. Buff has raised questions of proof. Use the thesis – a quick summary, a set of all the work at the end of the introductory part.
  3. Use transitional sentences. Do not hesitate “proposal bridges” to write, connect the points.
  4. Start a new paragraph for each new edit.
  5. Write a logical conclusion. Avoid introducing new information in the latter part of the document.

Put everything you can on autopilot

  1. Manage study results with Mendeley and Zotero.
  2. Create links with generators like EasyBib or ginger.
  3. Improve your style with AUTOCRIT or WordRake.
  4. Check Spellcheck score plus score and tester.

Improve the quality of your letter

  1. Avoid jargon and every unofficial language
  2. Use the faculty of syntax. Check complex sentences and make suggestions, but avoid that they were too long or lazy.
  3. Always reinforce your source-related statements. Try to avoid asking him to express beyond your competence. For example, you may have an opinion about the dangers of smoking they have. However, one needs to speculate on having proven features, as this usually affects the lungs.
  4. Do not be a way associated with the company (not supported). Make sure that the facts account is a safe destination. Avoid exaggeration or understatement of the facts.
  5. Compact. Avoid unnecessary digression or repetition.

Use your time wisely

  1. Not arrested at the stage of investigation.
  2. Avoid reading unnecessary literature.
  3. Start formatting quotes while studying
  4. Try free exposure (write without worrying too much about grammar or punctuation), it will help you face a crisis of creativity if necessary.
  5. Use these free tools: Monkey Write or OmmWriter.

Avoid mistakes

  1. Avoid lazy argument. Try to find good arguments in favor and find possible arguments against.
  2. Never forget your thesis. Remember that your essay should be defined as the center of your work in the relationship, which is your thesis.
  3. Avoid jargon. Make sure your readers easy to understand what you write.
  4. Avoid abusive language. Do not forget to use “her” or “him” and “disabled” instead of “disability” or other options.
  5. Never ignore the formatting requirements.


Follow the advice of the best

  1. “It’s normal to write junk if you just edit awesome.” (CJ Cherry)
  2. “Not a word wasted. This was the basic idea of my literary thinking throughout his life.” (Hunter S. Thompson)
  3. If you write or rewrite, then read on. I know no quick fix. (L. King)
  4. “I always start from scratch to write new and dirty thoughts.” Patrick Dennis
  5. To introduce the word “whore” whenever the desire to write “too much.” Your visit to the editor and it will be written to be “(M. Tven)

You can choose whether to follow the advice of the best writers or find your own excellent writing way. In all cases, the wisdom of the best authors is worth your attention.