Essay Sample: How Steve Jobs Changed the World

Steve Jobs has provoked mixed feelings among people admired among them, and as a genius, others – jealous of his success, as he did another parvenu. However, Steve Jobs was a legend during his lifetime, and his brand – one of the most famous in the world. Employment – have changed the world…

The answer to the question – “How Steve Jobs changed the world” cannot be the result, to which it had come: the combination of technical excellence and design of Apple products. Non – need to see much deeper: how to achieve the perfection you must look at the root. You cannot judge only on apples that exist, you must consider the trunks and roots of the tree, without which it would not be an apple. The roots were weak and defenseless once, and that through proper care, the tree could grow in a healthy, decent crop.


The road to success, Jobs has made, which requires the will of iron will, determination and spirit of fire. Not everyone has the strength to go through a thorny path of a simple man, no education and no goals for the man with a reputation all over the world. Work Life teaches many things but will highlight only three components, without which you do not see the light of other labor standards.

Steve was a young, impetuous hippie, with no idea of the future. However, that changed when he met Steve Wozniak and interested in technology. At that time, computers were something in the world of fiction, but Steve entrusted in his heart, was the first computer seriously engaged in the market development. Future businessman away from the arguments of reason and trust your instincts. Jobs found that they really care. Steve Jobs From the moment does not work, he does what he wants, which later helped to succeed. Therefore, the first thing I say about the life of Steve Jobs: Rely on intuition, listen to the call of the heart, because it knows somehow you really want to be.

I think this is the most important step in the life of Steve Jobs was – finding something that is interesting and life for the rest of that work… “Your time is limited, so cannot live life from someone else no dogma hostage will take place, as a result of the thought of others”… came to be on that success only by himself.

Before the big jobs is a global company “Apple” destiny not only created a ray in the wheels to regulate and control Steve force. Since the great sage: “The darkest hour before dawn,” the first life to shine in all its glory as the obscurity of the whip what happened with the work. In 1985, John Sculley fired founder «Apple”. Steve was devastated, he did not know what to do and where to go, took away the meaning of life – the company” Apple. “But Jobs did not despair, almost immediately, he organized a new computer company, NeXT Computer, following its founder, in 1996, the following company he bought with all his running time, and Steve Jobs, Apple to find and entered the era of the “Applemania.” Second, who teaches the life of Steve Jobs: No matter how many times you fall, it is important the number of times – has increased.

Life – an infinite number of lessons that teach you before you consider raising a higher level if previous experience and if you rewarded successfully fate tested. The life of Steve Jobs was not the best way of the stars, he should have fought for their happiness and prove every day his insistence that he is worthy “of these stars.” Yes, it fell, right – wrong, but more importantly, how many times he got up and informed his mistakes. He is not only the one who does nothing wrong … In the words of Steve -. “There is no such thing as a prosperous man who has never stumbled, and has no mistakes There are only people who succeed, who made mistakes, but then they Changed their plans according to those same mistakes I – Only… one of those guys ”

Over the next fifteen years after his return to the company, when Steve was the first time, and then finally become CEO of Apple, he not only managed to touch the bottom, but also the world’s leading IT services company . Closing all unnecessary and unprofitable projects has jobs to organize the development of other projects, “brilliant”. This was first the computer and iPhone iMac player, then it was my turn, literally blown iPhone and iPad phone the tablet. Steve Jobs worked tirelessly, took every day, and squeezed the juice, to achieve maximum results to shock the world. What effectively contributed a great designer and inventor work? The answer is clear: to live every day as if it were the last of life, work is, after all, taking all of life! Thus, the third, who teaches the life of Steve Jobs: live every day as the last.

The Chinese proverb says: “A new daily life opens the test.” Understand: “yesterday” – this is a dream, “tomorrow” – hopefully all we have – “Today”. Do not miss your life – capturing the moment, not passing in his head the mistakes of the past and not the future life dream – here and act now!

How Steve Jobs changed the world? I think these questions need to be asked by the process, and added that all the above rules of Steve Jobs life: Steve realized that really interested and committed enough to give up the case, ignore the mistakes And failures every time you increase your fall, I worked and lived every day as the last, and finally created the perfect product, “Apple”, which was his dream.

Steve Jobs has changed the world, to realize his dreams in reality. So, my friends – a dream! Dream unbridled courage and realize their dreams in life. Who knows, maybe you are next door, who will change the world for the better…