Does Meredith see Lexie in season 17?

Does Meredith see Lexie in season 17?

Unfortunately, Meredith and Lexie only spent four years getting to know each other before she died. However, she didn’t get to tell Meredith goodbye. In season 17, Meredith contracted COVID-19. During season 17, episode 10, “Breathe,” she sees Lexie on a beach as she questions her fate.

What is the age gap between Meredith and Lexie?

It means that there’s no mathematical solution as to why Lexie Grey was 22 (or unlikely 23) years old when she started her Surgical Intern Program. Let’s also remember that she’s now 5 years (if not more) younger than her “half-sister” Meredith – born in 1979 and now, at the end of Season 3, approximately 27 years old.

Are Lexie and Meredith close?

Lexie and Meredith didn’t get too close, as Meredith was over a surgical year older and they had two different sets of friends. As George and Lexie’s friendship phased out, Lexie gave up the apartment that the two of them had shared.

Did Lexie GREY have a child?

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star, who plays Meredith Grey’s younger half-sister, Lexie, gave birth to daughter Anniston Kae on Thursday morning in Los Angeles. “Anniston was born at 7:12 AM on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at Cedars Sinai Medical and weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce.

Why does Meredith not like Lexie?

Meredith Grey Initially, she didn’t like the way Lexie followed her or spoke to Derek about her. She claimed that Lexie was someone she never wanted to know, even trying to deny that Lexie was her sister.

Does Meredith ever get to know Lexie?

While Meredith did not appreciate Lexie’s presence at first, over time, Meredith eventually tolerated her and accepted her as a sister. Lexie also confronted Meredith about her mistreatment of her on quite a few occasions, all with the good intentions of letting Meredith get to know her.

Is Lexie Grey related to Meredith Grey?

Early Life Lexie was the daughter of Thatcher Grey and his second wife, Susan. She had a younger sister, Molly Grey-Thompson. She also had an older half-sister Meredith Grey, born to Thatcher and his ex-wife Ellis, a famed surgeon.

Why does Meredith want Gary to kill Charles’ wife?

Gary Clark is devastated that his wife died at the hospital and he’s out for revenge. He kills Charles, and Meredith says that he should kill her because if he wants to hurt Derek, she’s his wife and also Lexie’s sister.

What happened to Lexie and Mark’s relationship?

After Mark and Lexie broke up, she began a short relationship with Alex when she moved back into Meredith’s house. They hooked up that day since Alex was missing Izzie as well. The relationship did not last long, however, as Lexie soon got back together with Mark.