Does crown molding look good on a vaulted ceiling?

Does crown molding look good on a vaulted ceiling?

If you have cathedral or vaulted ceilings, a typical crown molding will probably not fit or look good. If you have a room or hall that ends by adjoining another room with a different ceiling height, there might not be a good way to put up crown moldings.

Can you put trim on vaulted ceiling?

Two types of molding are routinely used to trim vaulted ceilings. Run the molding along the wall up to the beam, miter it down, across the bottom and up the other side to finish off the beam. Finish the molding before cutting and installing.

Which rooms should have crown molding?

Most experts recommend putting crown moulding in the centralized rooms of the house (like the kitchen, living room, family room, and dining room), however, the bedroom is also a great place to utilize it. It’s a great way to increase the sophistication of your bedroom’s design without adding clutter.

Should you paint before installing crown molding?

You can paint the walls before or after installing the molding. However, painting prior to installing the molding has an advantage in that you do not need to protect the molding with painter’s tape and can paint more quickly without worrying about getting paint on your molding.

How do you find the angle of a vaulted ceiling?

Stand at one wall where the ceiling slopes down to meet it. Place an angled tape measure at the seam between the ceiling and wall. Pull it out so it measures the the sloping portion of the ceiling. Take this measurement.

Can you put crown molding on a vaulted ceiling?

CROWN MOLDING INSTALLATION ON A VAULTED OR CATHEDRAL CEILING Installing crown molding on a vaulted ceiling or cathedral ceiling can be an overwhelming task. This tutorial will teach you how each piece needs to be cut to correctly install the crown molding. The illustration shows the room that we will be working with for our cuts.

What angle should a miter cut be for a vaulted ceiling?

Any time you are making a miter cut for a change in elevation on a cathedral or vaulted ceiling you will need to set the miter angle to 1/2 of the slope of your ceiling. In our illustration we always set it to 17.5 degrees because our slope was 35 degrees.

How do you cut crown molding with a miter saw?

We set our miter saw to the left side 45 degree mark and held the crown molding such that the lip that would touch the ceiling was sitting flat on the compound miter saw and the lip that touches the wall was pointed away from the fence.