Why work at Doggett industries?

Why work at Doggett industries?

At Doggett, our employees are the heart of our business and we want you to build a long-term career with us. We offer opportunities in service, sales, technical, warehouse and much more. If you are looking for an organization where the work you do is meaningful and the relationships you build are lasting, look no further than Doggett Industries!

Where is Doggett located?

Doggett is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has divisional headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and San Antonio, Texas. Doggett is proud to have achieved recognition for its success representing first-tier manufacturers of heavy equipment.

How many John Deere dealers are in dogdoggett?

Doggett is comprised of sixteen John Deere construction and forestry equipment dealerships, seven Toyota material handling equipment dealerships, seven Freightliner truck and trailer dealerships, one Truck Enterprises dealership, two Link‑Belt crane dealerships, and a Ford dealership.

What is the dogdoggett Employee Assistance Program?

Doggett offers an employee assistance program designed to assist employees and their family members in resolving personal problems. The Employee Assistance Program includes a wide array of other services such as legal consultation, senior care, and financial services.

How many locations does Doggett have?

Doggett has more than 35 locations in 26 cities across Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. At Doggett, our employees are the heart of our business and we want you to build a long-term career with us.

How do I apply for a job at Doggett?

If you are a veteran and interested in working for Doggett, please submit an application and resume to [email protected]. With CareerBuilder you will never miss the latest Doggett job opportunities. Accompany your resume with the Application for Employment when you apply for a job at Doggett.

What happened to Tom Doggett?

After leaving his job in the oil and gas business, Doggett returned home and met up with his business partner, Brady Carruth, in Houston in 1993. The two heard about a deal over lunch at a Chinese restaurant with a mergers and acquisitions lawyer. The lawyer told them that Toyota Lift of Houston, a forklift dealer, was for sale.