Why Trafigura logistics?

Why Trafigura logistics?

It has particular expertise in providing efficient logistic solutions in challenging environments and hard-to-reach locations. Trafigura is the majority owner of the operating business of Nyrstar, a global multi-metals business with a market leading position in zinc and lead, and growing positions in other base and precious metals.

Who is the head of responsibility for Trafigura?

James Nicholson (second from right), Head of Responsibility for @Trafigura, and #EITI board member, joins the world’s leading #oil major representatives in a discussion to increase #transparency in #commodity trading at Oslo, Norway.

What does Trafigura mining group do?

Trafigura Mining Group manages mining operations, develops projects, conducts technical audits of existing and potential investment projects; and provides advisory and support services to Trafigura’s trading desks, trading counterparties and Galena Asset Management.

What does tratrafigura trade?

Trafigura manages one of the largest middle distillates books across its global network. We trade the fullrange of distillates, from low to high sulphur. Our middle distillates trading operation covers jet fuel, diesel and gas oil.