Why synthetic turf is bad?

Why synthetic turf is bad?

Fields with artificial turf tend to get far hotter than grass fields. Field surface temperatures can reach as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Because it is laid over either concrete or compacted earth, artificial turf is a harder surface than grass. This can increase the risk of injuries, particularly concussions.

Is there any artificial turf that doesn’t get hot?

A series of solar panel tests indicate that artificial grass featuring TigerCool® technology successfully reduces turf temperatures by 15% and up to 10 degrees! That’s a difference that you can feel. Don’t let the heat interfere with your life. TigerCool® makes any outdoor event a cool and pleasant experience.

What is the best synthetic grass Australia?

The Savannah Broad Leaf range is the most luxurious artificial lawn on offer at Australian Outdoor Living. Its 37mm pile height makes it the most realistic artificial lawn grass in our product range, giving it qualities that even natural lawn would be jealous of.

What is the coolest artificial grass?

Synthetic Grass Warehouse is proud to introduce TigerCool, the latest in artificial turf cooling technology. Created by Tencate, a worldwide innovator of space-age yarns for NASA and Boeing, TigerCool yarns are engineered with heat reflective color pigments and advanced U.V. inhibitors that reduce surface temperatures.

How do you cool down fake grass?

How to keep artificial grass cool after installation

  1. Use shade cloths to cover your grass and block direct sunlight.
  2. Buy some new plants or plant some new trees to provide shade to your artificial grass.
  3. Use a retractable awning to cast shade on demand.
  4. Use a garden hose or sprinkler system to cool your artificial lawn.

How do you cool down artificial turf?

Spray Turf with Water. Spraying turf with water is one of the easiest ways to keep turf cool. Artificial turf has the advantage over natural grass that it doesn’t need to be watered. But, a quick spritzing with water during the hot summer months can keep your turf lawn cool for a pretty good period of time.

How do I stop my artificial grass from getting hot?

How do I keep my artificial grass cool?