Why did Javagal Srinath retire?

Why did Javagal Srinath retire?

‘Could have probably played for another year’: Why Javagal Srinath made the decision to retire. Srinath revealed that even though there was a part of him that felt he could have gone on for another year, the physical limitations of his body did not allow it to happen.

When Javagal Srinath retired?

Arguably the nation’s fastest-ever bowler, Javagal Srinath heralded a period of awakening for Indian pace bowling, after Kapil Dev’s swing had fired popular imagination. And when he retired from international cricket of 11 years in 2003, Srinath was second only to Kapil in number of Test wickets by an Indian paceman.

How good is Javagal Srinath?

Srinath went on to become India’s best fast bowler of the 1990s, but somehow his Test career did not see the heights his ODI career did. Srinath ended his 12-year-long career in 2003 with 315 ODI wickets from 229 matches, but grabbed not more than 236 wickets from 67 Tests.

What is the age of Javagal Srinath?

52 years (August 31, 1969)
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Where is Javagal Srinath from?

Javagal, India
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How fast was Javagal Srinath?

157 kmph
Javagal Srinath is widely regarded as the fastest Indian bowler ever. In 1997, Javagal Srinath was clocked bowling at a speed of 157 kmph.

Was Javagal Srinath fast?

His fastest recorded ball was 157 kilometres per hour (98 mph). Srinath was India’s only regular fast bowler for many years, and his workload is believed to have caused his injuries; he underwent surgery on his right shoulder in 1997.

Is Javagal Srinath underrated?

In a land of spinners, we have produced some pretty good pacers over the years. One such name that comes to mind is Javagal Srinath. One of the most underrated bowlers in history, his line and length along with pace was difficult for some of the best batsmen in the world.

What is the height of Javagal Srinath?

6′ 3″
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How old is Javagal Srinath?

What is the nickname of Javagal Srinath?

Know Your Favorite Indian Cricket Player Nicknames

41 Javagal Srinath Babu
42 Kapil Dev Haryana Hurricane
43 Sunil Gavaskar Sunny, Little Master
44 Ravi Shastri Shaz