Why did Being Human us get Cancelled?

Why did Being Human us get Cancelled?

It’s possible that the licensing agreement Syfy had with the BBC made the show more expensive than Haven, thus the reason it got cancelled while the lower-rated show will be returning for a fifth season. It’s also possible that the recent shakeups at Syfy led to them cutting this series loose.

Why does Mitchell always wear gloves in Being Human?

According to Aidan Turner in a BBC3 question-and-answer session, Mitchell’s fingerless gloves were more necessity than fashion statement due to the freezing set temperatures filming in wintertime Bristol.

What is next for Aidan Turner?

The Suspect
Aidan Turner is set to front ITV’s gripping new psychological thriller series, The Suspect. The five-part drama will be produced by the Line of Duty, Vigil and The Pembrokeshire Murders producers, so it’s safe to say we are in for a treat!

What type of being is Russell Tovey Being Human?

werewolf George
Tovey plays werewolf George, one of three supernatural housemates in the comedy drama Being Human. The pilot premièred on BBC Three on 18 February 2008. A six-part series was commissioned with the first episode broadcast on 25 January 2009….

Russell Tovey
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue

What happened to Mitchell on being human?

Before his secondary death, Mitchell lived with his friends, George Sands, Annie Sawyer and later Nina Pickering, in a flat. He was in the end mercy-killed by George due to numerous reasons correlating to his actions in the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre, and his growing bloodlust.

What happens to Nina in being human?

A week after giving birth to her daughter Eve, she is murdered by vampires, by being beaten to death with baseball bats, on the orders of the vampire Old One Griffin. Her death is later avenged by George.