Who won Pop Idol 2003?

Who won Pop Idol 2003?

Michelle McManus
The second and most recent series of British reality television show Pop Idol aired on ITV on from 13 September to 20 December 2003. Michelle McManus was announced as the winner and received a £1 million recording contract to release her debut album.

When did Pop Idol finish?

December 20, 2003
Pop Idol/Final episode date

Who owned Pop Idol?

Simon Fuller
Simon Fuller, who created the Spice Girls and dreamt up Pop Idol, which became American Idol, owns the rights to American Idol and reportedly offered Simon Cowell “Oprah money” to stay on the show, which Cowell rejected.

What was before Pop Idol?

Popstars was a short-lived reality music talent show that was broadcast on ITV in early 2001. It was the first UK series of the international Popstars franchise, and was billed as a documentary on the formation of a modern pop group.

Is there a Canadian Idol?

Canadian Idol is a Canadian reality television competition show which aired on CTV, based on the British show Pop Idol. The next day (five days later in season 4; two days later in season 6), the competitor with the most votes was declared the winner. The show was taped at the John Bassett Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.

Who won Pop Idol Series 2?

Pop Idol/Winners

Who won Pop Idol in 2002?

Will Young
The first live show was broadcast on 15 December 2001 and the live final was held on 9 February 2002. The competition was won by Will Young, with Gareth Gates finishing as the runner-up after a public vote.

Does Simon Cowell own pop idol?

Cowell started his career in the mailroom at EMI Music Publishing. He worked as a record producer, talent scout and consultant within the music industry before producing the hit British TV show Pop Idol and its U.S. counterpart, American Idol.

Who won Canadian Idol no more?

After the final two perform, viewers had more than two hours to vote….Season 1.

Canadian Idol
Canadian Idol Finalists (with dates of elimination)
Brian Melo Winner
Jaydee Bixby September 11
Carly Rae Jepsen September 4

Who won Canadian Idol 2004?

Kalan Porter
The second season of Canadian Idol debuted on June 1, 2004, and became the most watched show in Canada, drawing in over 3 million viewers each week….Canadian Idol (season 2)

Canadian Idol
Judges Farley Flex Jake Gold Sass Jordan Zack Werner
Winner Kalan Porter
Runner-up Theresa Sokyrka

When was first Pop Idol?

October 6, 2001
Pop Idol/First episode date

Does SIMON Cowell have kids?

Eric Cowell
Simon Cowell/Children

Who won the second series of Pop Idol 2003?

The second and final series of British reality television show Pop Idol began airing on ITV on 13 September 2003 and ended on 20 December 2003. Michelle McManus was announced as the winner and received a £1 million recording contract to release her debut album.

What happened to the original Pop Idol?

In 2004, Pop Idol was axed and ITV announced a new show created by Cowell, with no involvement from Pop Idol creator Simon Fuller—The X Factor. The perceived similarity between the two shows later became the subject of a legal dispute.

What is the wildcard round on Pop Idol UK?

For the first time (and only time) on the UK version of Pop Idol, there was a Wildcard Round where previously eliminated contestants returned for a second chance at making it through to the live finals. As a result, the final 10 was to become a final twelve.

How are finalists selected for Popstars?

Finalists are selected from auditions held in locations across the UK, and there are plenty of tears from wannabe stars whose hopes are dashed by the frank comments of the judging pan… Read all In this follow-up to the hit reality TV show “Popstars”, the search is on for a new solo singer.