Who won NBA Playoffs 2011?

Who won NBA Playoffs 2011?

Dallas Mavericks
2011 NBA Finals/Champion

Who won the championship in 2011 2012?

2011–12 Football League Championship

Season 2011–12
Champions Reading (2nd divisional title)
Promoted Reading Southampton West Ham United
Relegated Doncaster Rovers Coventry City Portsmouth
Matches played 552

Who was favored to win the 2012 finals?

Oklahoma City Thunder
NBA Finals 2012 Odds: Why Oklahoma City Thunder Are Clear-Cut Favorites. The Oklahoma City Thunder are the favorites to win the NBA Finals with odds of 10:17, while their opponents, the Miami Heat, have 3:2 odds, according to Bovada.

How far did the Bulls go in 2012?

The Bulls finished the lockout-shortened season with a 50–16 record, or roughly 62–20 in a full season, tying the San Antonio Spurs for the best record of the season. They ended as the number one seed in the Eastern Conference for a second consecutive season.

Who won the 2013 NBA Finals?

Miami Heat
2013 NBA Finals/Champion
Heat hold off Spurs, win 2nd straight NBA title LeBron James had 37 points and 12 rebounds and the Miami Heat repeated as champions with a 95-88 victory over the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night.

Who won the 2010 playoffs?

Los Angeles Lakers
The 2010 NBA playoffs was the postseason tournament of the National Basketball Association’s 2009-10 season….2010 NBA playoffs.

Dates April 17–June 17, 2010
Champions Los Angeles Lakers (16th title)
Runners-up Boston Celtics (21st finals appearance)
Semifinalists Orlando Magic Phoenix Suns

Who won championship in 2011?

When did Jordan join the Bulls?

2001Washington Wizards
1995Chicago Bulls1994Scottsdale Scorpions, Birmingham Barons1984Chicago Bulls1981North Carolina Tar Heels men’s basketball
Michael Jordan/Dates joined

Who won the 2010 NBA Finals?

2010 NBA Finals/Champion
The Los Angeles Lakers have won their 16th NBA championship, dramatically rallying from a fourth-quarter deficit to beat the Boston Celtics 83-79 Thursday night in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Who won the 2014 NBA Finals?

San Antonio Spurs
2014 NBA Finals/Champion

On June 15th in 2014, the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat 104-87 in Game 5 and clinched their fifth championship in franchise history.

Who won the 2011 Finals?

Who won the 2010 championship?

2010 NBA Finals/Champion

What happened in the 2012 NBA Playoffs?

The 2012 NBA playoffs was the postseason tournament of the National Basketball Association’s 2011–12 season. The tournament concluded with the Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat defeating the Western Conference champion Oklahoma City Thunder 4 games to 1 in the NBA Finals.

How many games are there in the 2012-13 NBA season?

2012–13 NBA season League National Basketball Association Sport Basketball Duration October 30, 2012 – April 17, 2013 April Number of games 82

What was the Order of the 2012 NBA Playoffs bracket?

2012 NBA Playoffs Bracket Game 1 Atl 83, Bos 74 Game 2 Bos 87, Atl 80 Game 3 Bos 90, Atl 84 Game 4 Bos 101, Atl 79 Game 5 Atl 87, Bos 86

Who played in the 2012 NBA Europe live game?

NBA Europe Live 2012 was played October 5 – 7 and 9, 2012 featuring the Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, and teams from Europe (Fenerbahçe Ülker, Alba Berlin, Olimpia Milano and Regal FC Barcelona). The Miami Heat defeated the Los Angeles Clippers at the sixth annual NBA China Games on October 11 in Beijing.