Who provides Internet to CYBERNET?

Who provides Internet to CYBERNET?

Lakson Group of Companies
Cybernet, a part of Lakson Group of Companies, is a leading Internet and Data Communication Network Service Provider in Pakistan.

Who is owner of CYBERNET?

Shahid Khan –
Shahid Khan – CEO – Cybernet | LinkedIn.

What do you mean by cyber net?

Acronym. Definition. CYBERNET. Network of Control Data Corporation.

Who is the CEO of Storm fiber?

Adnan Asif was a leader, is and will always be the leader.

Who is Danish Lakhani?

Danish A. Lakhani has been a founding member of Cybernet where he is currently the Chief Executive Officer. Since 2008, Danish has led the company’s renewed focus in the enterprise, carrier and consumer market segments.

Is Cybernet real?

Cybernet is a leading American research and development company that engineers technological solutions to some of the world’s leading defense and medical challenges.

Is StormFiber a Pakistani company?

StormFiber is Pakistan’s most reliable fiber to the home internet and television service provider. Powered by Cybernet, Pakistan’s leading corporate ISP, StormFiber is an effort to raise the bar for what consumers expect from home based services.

Who is Natasha Khalid husband?

Ali Lakhanim. 2017
Natasha Khalid/Husband

Who is Murtaza Lakhani?

With over 35 years of experience, Mr. Lakhani started his career as an oil trader in the 1980s and has worked with various other commodities. In 2003, he established his own company initially providing consulting services to oil and commodity trading companies out of Limassol, Cyprus and Baghdad, Iraq.

How much does StormFiber cost in Pakistan?

** Easy installments plan of Rs. 1,200/month for 12 Months.

Who is CEO of StormFiber?

Who is Natasha Ali Lakhani?

A successful makeup artist who is so proud of her lineage, Natasha Ali Lakhani has always been very fascinated about beauty and personal grooming. Currently, this Karachi-based makeup artist is making a global impact with her online masterclasses and tutorials and also has big plans to maximise her reach.

What is Cybernet broadband?

National Broadband is powered by CYBERNET, Pakistan’s leading Internet, Data and managed services provider. Since its inception in March 1996, CYBERNET has extended its operations to 70 cities of Pakistan. It has a robust buried fiber infrastructure which ensures uninterrupted services to all its customers.

Which is the largest broadband internet service in Pakistan?

PTCL is the largest broadband internet service provider in Pakistan, according to stats revealed in the year 2018 by PTA, PTCL holds about 2.4 million out of total 2.6 million fixed local line subscriber and approximately 105,000 annual wireless local loop subscribers.

Why choose cycybernet as your MPLS provider?

Cybernet offers a Global MPLS solution through peering arrangements with a diverse set of international partners from all over the world. Our unmatched connectivity comes with a set of performance standards like managed latency, dedicated bandwidth and robust QoS that will truly add value to your business.

Which cities in Pakistan have PTCL Landline broadband?

PTCL currently operates in more than 200 cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Quetta, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Sheikhupura and is the largest ADSL2+ landline internet provider in the country. Ptcl landline broadband services are available almost anywhere in Pakistan.