Who makes the timer feeder timer?

Who makes the timer feeder timer?

ASF All Seasons Feeders
Product information

Product Dimensions 4 x 2 x 5 inches
Item Weight 9.6 ounces
Manufacturer ASF All Seasons Feeders
Item model number TIMER

What batteries do deer feeders use?

“6 Volt 6v 4.5ah Rechargeable Deer Game Feeder Battery”

How do you program a game Country feeder?

Press the left button on the two-button LED feeder once for each hour after the first feeding time you want a second feed time and press the right button to save the setting. For example, if the first feed time is 6 a.m. and you want the second time to be noon, press the left button six times.

How long will a 6-volt battery last in a deer feeder?

In most feeders, a 6V will last the whole season and still be at 50% battery. Just check it when you fill the feeder, but you’ll probably fill the feeder several times before the battery goes dead.

Can you use a 12 volt battery on a 6 volt deer feeder?

It’ll work just fine. We ran about 15-20 feeders at BAO for over 9 years. Most of those 9 years, our 6V feeders had 12V batteries in them and we never burned a single one up.

How do you test a deer feeder?

TEST FEEDER: PRESS AND HOLD the SET button while the RUN-TIME SECONDS are displayed. Release the button and get away from the feeder when the message “TESTING GET AWAY” appears on the display. SET FEED LEVEL:Your Feeder Timer is equipped with a Feed Level Estimator.

Who makes American Hunter Feeder?

TeleDynamics | Search Manufacturer Subcategory: American Hunter:: Outdoor Products\Feeders.

What is the best feed for deer feeders?

These mixes can typically be found at feed mills or pet supply stores. Deer feed mixes are usually a mix of alfalfa, oats, soybeans, molasses and several vitamins and minerals. This type of food is easiest for deer to digest, which is what makes it ideal for supplemental feeding.

What to put in a deer feeder?

Extruded nugget feeds are the best choice for automatic spincast feeders. Whitetail Deer Feeding Tips: Put deer feeders in a central location on your property away from roads and easy to access by wild game. Put game feeders near a water supply you know is frequented by the types of big game you are most interested in.

Do deer feeders work?

Deer feeders are used as a baiting mechanism by hunters. During hunting season, they usually set up deer feeders all throughout the vicinity of their hunting range. Deer and other wildlife will willingly get near a deer feeder and hunters will lie in wait and then strike when an opportune moment arises.

What are deer feeders?

Deer Feeders. That’s why Moultrie created a complete line of well-made, durable deer feeders that can be mounted just about anywhere. Especially during seasons of drought or when native vegetation is sparse, Moultrie deer feeders help ensure your deer don’t migrate to someone else’s property or food plot.