Who is the manufacturer of Gardasil?

Who is the manufacturer of Gardasil?

Manufacturer: Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Who manufactures HPV vaccine?

Currently, only two manufacturers, MSD and GSK, produce WHO-prequalified HPV vaccines. Several others are developing HPV vaccines – including Innovax (whose vaccine is currently under review for WHO prequalification), as well as Serum Institute of India and Walvax.

Where is Gardasil manufactured?

Two months after announcing a $1B expansion to its manufacturing facility in Elkton, Va. to support the production of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil, the company is planning to open another manufacturing site in Durham, N.C.

When was gardasil discontinued?

Now that Gardasil-4 is no longer available for use in the United States since the last doses expired on May 1, 2017, the Gardasil-4 VIS has been removed from website. Providers should use the Gardasil-9 VIS when administering HPV vaccine.

Does Gardasil cause infertility?

CDC is aware of public concern about the safety of HPV vaccine. Since the vaccine’s introduction in 2006, vaccine safety monitoring and studies conducted by CDC, FDA, and other organizations have documented a reassuring safety record. There is no current evidence that HPV vaccines cause reproductive problems in women.

How long does Gardasil 9 last?

To date, protection against infections with the targeted HPV types has been found to last for at least 10 years with Gardasil (18), up to 11 years with Cervarix (17), and at least 6 years with Gardasil 9 (19).

Who owns Gardasil vaccine?

Gardasil, technically known as recombinant human papillomavirus vaccine [types 6, 11, 16, 18], is a vaccine for use in the prevention of certain strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), developed by Merck & Co.

What are the long term effects of Gardasil?

chronic fatigue syndrome (sometimes called ME) complex regional pain syndrome. postural tachycardia syndrome. premature ovarian failure.

At what age is it too late to get the HPV vaccine?

HPV vaccination is not recommended for everyone older than age 26 years. Some adults age 27 through 45 years who were not already vaccinated might choose to get HPV vaccine after speaking with their doctor about their risk for new HPV infections and possible benefits of vaccination for them.

Does Gardasil affect menstrual cycle?

there is no way in which they could interfere with the functioning of the reproductive organs in either men or women.” Research also shows that other vaccines that may temporarily affect menstruation such as the HPV vaccine, does not affect fertility.

Is HPV vaccine linked to sterility?

There was no evidence of increased infertility among women who received the HPV vaccine. These results provide further evidence of HPV vaccine safety and should give providers confidence in recommending HPV vaccination.

Can I still get HPV after vaccine?

There is a small chance that someone might still get genital warts after having all their HPV vaccine shots. The vaccine protects against 90% of the HPV strains that cause genital warts. But there are lots of different strains (types) of HPV and the vaccine cannot protect against them all.