Who is the CEO of BSkyB?

Who is the CEO of BSkyB?

The current CEO is Dana Strong . Initially formed in 1990 by the equal merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting, BSkyB became the UK’s largest digital pay television company. In 2014, after completing the acquisition of Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland, the merged company changed its name to Sky Plc.

Who are the current directors of Sky UK Limited?

Sky UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast -owned Sky, with its current company directors being Andrew Griffith and Christopher Taylor. Andrew Griffith has acted as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Managing Director for the commercial businesses division, however, it was announced in June 2019 that Kevin O’Toole…

How many subscribers does BSkyB have?

By June 2000 the service had 3.6 million subscribers, which gave BSkyB 8.988 million subscribers across all platforms. This substantial growth reflected BSkyB’s 34% share of viewers in multi-channel homes (up from 13.4% from 1999). BSkyB’s analogue service ended in October 2001, and the digital service would eventually be marketed as just ‘Sky’.

When did sky change its name to Sky plc?

Following Sky’s 2014 acquisition of Sky Italia and a majority 90.04% interest in Sky Deutschland in November 2014, its holding company British Sky Broadcasting Group plc changed its name to Sky plc.

What does BSkyB stand for?

British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) was formed by the merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting on 2 November 1990. Both companies had begun to struggle financially and were suffering financial losses as they competed against each other for viewers.

When did BSkyB launch Sky Multichannels?

In September 1993, BSkyB launched Sky Multichannels which was the present digital platform’s analogue predecessor. Sky Multichannels was a subscription package that gave access not only to Sky’s own channels but also those of third party broadcasters.