Who is the best boxer pound for pound ever?

Who is the best boxer pound for pound ever?

Mayweather, Pacquiao, Ali: Who are the greatest pound-for-pound boxers in history?

  • Joe Gans.
  • Barney Ross.
  • Gene Tunney.
  • Jack Dempsey.
  • Julio Cesar Chavez.
  • George Foreman.
  • Rocky Marciano.
  • Sandy Saddler. Saddler is best known for his series of fights with Willie Pep, which lasted four bouts.

Who is the best boxer in the world 2021?

Tyson Fury is the top and the best heavyweight boxer in the world in 2021. He is one of the greatest boxers from Britain toping in the world ranking list.

Who is the greatest boxer in 2020?

Pound for Pound Top 50 Boxers in the World (January 2020)

  1. 1 Canelo Alvarez. LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT.
  2. 2 Vasyl Lomachenko. LIGHTWEIGHT.
  3. 3 Naoya Inoue. BANTAMWEIGHT.
  4. 4 Errol Spence. WELTERWEIGHT.
  5. 5 Manny Pacquiao. WELTERWEIGHT.
  6. 6 Gennady Golovkin. MIDDLEWEIGHT.
  7. 7 Terence Crawford. WELTERWEIGHT.
  8. 8 Oleksandr Usyk. HEAVYWEIGHT.

Has any boxer retired undefeated?

This list features the only 13 boxers in history who were world champions and managed to finish their careers without losing a fight. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (49-0) was also an undefeated titleholder, but he’ll be taking on Conor McGregor of the UFC on August 26th.

Who has the most knockout in boxing?

Top 10 boxers by most KOs

  • Billy Bird (138)
  • Archie Moore (132)
  • Young Stribling (129)
  • Sam Langford (128)
  • Buck Smith (120)
  • Kid Azteca (114)
  • George Odwell (111)
  • Sugar Ray Robinson, Alabama Kid (108)

Who is the best YouTube boxer?

“We’re going to have to put him at god tier” – KSI says that Jake Paul is the best YouTube boxer at the moment. Popular YouTuber KSI believes that Jake Paul is the best YouTube boxer at the moment. In a recent video uploaded to his channel, KSI admitted that Paul belongs in his “god-tier category”.

Who is Mexico’s greatest boxer?

Canelo’s impeccable head movement, devastating counters and iron jaw has solidified him as the greatest Mexican boxer at the moment, and is already considered by many as the greatest ever. On Nov. 6, Canelo made history and became the first Mexican undisputed champion of the world.

Is there any boxer who never lost a fight?

Rocky Marciano is often remembered for two things: his lionhearted approach to the fight game and his flawless professional record of 49-0-0. And as Marciano was never defeated, it stands to reason that he was never knocked out, either.