Who is stronger Android 17 or 18 in DBZ?

Who is stronger Android 17 or 18 in DBZ?

Even though her brother, 17, was mentioned to be programmed slightly stronger than her, he was unable to reach its maximum potential (Dr. Gero’s flaw, corrected on 18), making 18 the strongest of both twins. Akira Toriyama himself stated it during an interview (stament here ).

Can Goku beat Super 17?

Goku uses a powerful Kamehameha (Kamehameha increased 10). The irony is that the Kamehameha was absorbed by Super Android 17. After a hard battle, Super Android 17 defeats Goku. Goku destroyed the Super Android 17 with akamehameha – Super Android is finally destroyed.

Is eighter alive?

However neither is a match for Goku and his friends who have been training to confront the Saiyans. Defeated, Android 8 is freed and reverts to his original personality. After giving the Dragon Ball to Goku and his friends, Eighter returns with Suno to continue his peaceful life in Jingle Village.

Does Goku ever fight Android 17?

In the manga, Android 17 battles Goku due to mistaking him for one of the poachers. Goku uses his Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue form to battle Android 17 in the anime but his Base, Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 form in the manga.

Can Android 18 still fight?

Like Krillin, Android 18 has a bit of a struggle fighting the blind Majora from Universe 4. Regardless, Android 18 is still a formidable fighter in the world of Dragon Ball, and someone Goku can count on for help – if he needs it – in the next anime series.

How strong is 18 DBS?

According to the board game Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game Android 18 has a power level that clocks in at an insane 30,000,000.

How did Android 17 become Super 17?

Android 17 departs to meet his copy and the two fuse to form Super 17, defeating the heroes and under orders from Dr. Myuu, kills Dr. Gero again. Super 17 gives Goku trouble during their ensuring fight as he is able to absorb all of his attacks.

Is Android 21 a canon?

Toriyama took the suggestions about Android 21 into account and finalized her design, but was not involved in any direct input into her story. The game itself was noted by Toriyama to be an official part of the overall Dragon Ball canon.

Did Goku ever meet 17?

The pair never met as Goku was either suffering from his heart virus or 17 was MIA within Cell. The android was seen shortly in the ‘Buu’ saga when he leant power to fuel Goku’s Spirit Bomb, and it was then that Android 17 got fans all confused. “So that’s how it is,” 17 said back in Dragon Ball Z.