Who is in Blackmores night?

Who is in Blackmores night?

Candice NightTambourine
Ritchie BlackmoreGuitar
Blackmore’s Night/Members

Blackmore’s Night is a British-American traditional folk rock band formed in 1997, consisting mainly of Ritchie Blackmore (acoustic guitar, hurdy gurdy, mandola, mandolin, nyckelharpe, and electric guitar) and Candice Night (lead vocals, lyricist, and woodwinds).

Who is Ritchie Blackmore’s wife?

Candice Nightm. 2008
Amy Rothmanm. 1981–1983Margrit Volkmarm. 1964–1969
Ritchie Blackmore/Wife
Candice Night (born May 8, 1971) is an American vocalist/lyricist, multi-instrumentalist for the traditional folk rock project Blackmore’s Night since its origins in 1997, and wife of British guitarist Ritchie Blackmore.

What age is Ritchie Blackmore?

76 years (April 14, 1945)
Ritchie Blackmore/Age

What happened Ritchie Blackmore?

Both Ritchie and the rest of the band supposedly didn’t depart on the best of terms, and thus Ritchie has not returned to the band since; heck, he hasn’t even returned to rock music in general. After the show, Ritchie and the band got into a heated exchange and soon after, Ritchie left the band.

What age is Jimmy Page?

77 years (January 9, 1944)
Jimmy Page/Age

Where do Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night Live?

Ritchie, Candice and their two children reside on Long Island, New York, near Port Jefferson. Blackmore is a co-founder of DEEP PURPLE and wrote many of their most memorable riffs, including “Smoke On The Water”, but he has not played with the group since his 1993 departure.

What guitar did Ritchie Blackmore?

Fender Stratocaster
During the 1960s, Blackmore played a Gibson ES-335 but from 1970 he mainly played a Fender Stratocaster until he formed Blackmore’s Night in 1997. The middle pick-up on his Stratocaster is screwed down and not used. Blackmore occasionally used a Fender Telecaster Thinline during recording sessions.