Who is chilled chaos dating?

Who is chilled chaos dating?

About. ChilledChaos lives in Texas with his fiance, Jess, and dog, Rexxar and his friends GaLm, Tom Fawkes, and ZeRoyalViking. He is a graduate of Hofstra University with a business degree.

What is chilled chaos?

Chilled Chaos is an American gaming YouTuber from New York. He is known for his diabolical personality, especially while playing games such as TTT, Prop Hunt and more.

Why did chilled leave the creatures?

Creature Departure Chilled left the Creatures beacuse he did not agree with the idea of it being business. He has posted a video (which is now private) describing the reason why he is no longer with the Creatures.

Who is GaLm?

Anthony (born: July 30, 1993 (1993-07-30) [age 28]), better known online as GaLm or GalmHD, is an American YouTuber that is well known for being a member of the Derp Crew.

Who is Lord chilled?

Chilled (チルド, Chirudo) is Frieza’s ancestor and the space pirate general of Chilled’s Army. He is the main antagonist of Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock.

What is Zeroyalviking real name?

Steven Matthews
According to the Creature Wiki, my name is “Steven Matthews” KAY.

What happened to the creature hub?

In mid June 2017, The Creatures halted all production, including new or continued series, gaming and The Hub Cast.

What happened to Fawkes?

Tom now lives in Texas with ZeRoyalViking but he used to live in Connecticut. He and ChilledChaos’s Mario Kart team name is “Connecticunts.” As revealed in a Mario Kart video, his real name is Tom O’Grady, which makes him Irish by ethnicity.

Where does Ze Royal Viking live?

Ze lived in San Fransico with RitzPlays. Ze currently lives in Texas with Tom Fawkes.

Who kills Chilled?

On the planet, Chilled’s soldiers are killed by Bardock, who had been previously found unconscious on Planet Plant by a doctor named Ipana after his failed attempt to defeat Frieza and stop the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

Is Chilled stronger than Frieza?

No he isn’t. Freeza is stronger than his father, and Coola at the time of his introduction in his final form was stronger than Freeza, according to Daizenshuu 7. The manga never mentions King Cold’s power level, but in the anime, it is stated that his power level is higher than Freeza’s.

Is Ze Royal Viking married?

ZeRoyalViking is a popular YouTuber and online gaming streaming game in Canada….ZeRoyalViking Wiki.

Name ZeRoyalViking
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Twitch Star
Married/Single Single

Who is Chilled Chaos?

Anthony “Chilled Chaos” is a former Creature and a member of The Derp Crew. He is known for his “diabolical” personality, especially when playing games alike to TTT, and his knowledge on MMOs (WoW).

Where is chilledchaos now?

He was member of a group called the Creatures, but left on October 19, 2011, and is now a founder/member of The Derp Crew. ChilledChaos lives in Texas with his fiance, Jess, and dog, Rexxar and his friends GaLm, Tom Fawkes, and ZeRoyalViking.

What is the difference between Chilled Chaos and Derp crew?

Chilled Chaos is an member of The Bros Angels which he was joined by Diction, Hutch, GoldGloveTV, GassyMexican, Smarty and Mr. Sark . The Derp Crew is a group of Chilled’s friends known for their constant blunders, ragging on each other, and overall stupidity, hence the name “Derp Crew”.

What happened to chilledcriousgamers?

CriousGamers was actually a group he and some friends made a while back on the Union Forums in 2008. Unfortunately, the group grew apart and Chilled was left with the YouTube channel, since he was the only one to upload content on it anyway.