Who is Axelroot in Poisonwood Bible?

Who is Axelroot in Poisonwood Bible?

Eeben Axelroot is just as greasy and grimy as the “axle” that’s almost in his name. This pilot takes every opportunity he can to maximize his own profits, regardless of the expense to others: He sells the Prices their mail, “demanding money for things that were already ours” (2.

Who is eeben Axelroot what importance is he to the family?

Eeben Axelroot A mercenary pilot and CIA operative who is integral in the United States orchestrated coup which overthrows Patrice Lumumba. Slimy and immoral, he refuses the deliver the Price’s weekly mail and provisions without a bribe.

What does orleanna say about herself?

Orleanna describes herself as confident and willing to speak up for what she believed in. Whereas, she is unable to confront Nathan and leave him.

Why did orleanna marry Nathan?

Summary. Back in George, Orleanna labors under her guilt, imagining that her girls are demanding answers to why she let Nathan possess and control them as he did. Thus he and Orleanna were married. They worked in cotton fields until Nathan was drafted into the military during WW II.

Who are the Underdowns?

The Underdowns are like the English-speaking welcome wagon to the Congo when the Prices arrive to take over the mission in Kilanga villages.

Who is orleanna Price talking to?

As she remembers this moment and her time in Africa, Orleanna is not simply reminiscing; she is speaking to one of her children, although she doesn’t specify which one. She asks to be judged, and implies that the child to whom she is speaking is dead and haunts her.

Why is orleanna guilty?

Orleanna’s guilt is twofold. There is the paralyzing guilt she feels over her complicity in the death of her youngest daughter, and also the scarcely less overwhelming guilt she suffers because of the crimes perpetrated by the United States against the natives of Congo.

Why doesn’t Adah feel she can ever marry?

Adah understands that marriage doesn’t work if the two partners don’t see eye to eye. Nathan was too devoted to his religion to ever bond with Orleanna, and Rachel is too devoted to herself. (Plus she has horrible taste in men.