Who is Autochartist?

Who is Autochartist?

Autochartist is a technical analysis trading tool that uses financial data to provide traders with valuable signals. From its mobile app to trading platform plugins, it offers a range of applications to enhance trading performance.

How do I become an Autochartist?

How to get it? It is available in the MetaTrader 4 platform as an additional indicator, through a website as an informational and analytical tool. Autochartist is available also on the mobile application. All verified clients will get this powerful software for free.

How do I subscribe to Autochartist?

  1. Step 1: DOWNLOAD. Download Autochartist Mobile from:
  2. Step 2: Register. Choose your language & complete the Registration Form.
  3. Step 3: Login. Choose your language and login.
  4. Step 4: First Login.

Who is the best signal provider?

Best Forex Signal Providers:

  • Best Overall: FOREX.com.
  • Best for New Traders: Learn 2 Trade.
  • Best for Daily Live Streams: Forexsignals.com.
  • High-Quality: 1000pip Builder.
  • Best Free Signal Provider: Forex Signals Factory.
  • Best for Filtering: MQL5.
  • Best Subscription: ForexGDP.

What is the Autochartist powerstats feature?

Furthermore, you are able to take advantage of the useful Autochartist PowerStats, and discover the anticipated price ranges of your chosen currency pairs down to the hour. This feature provides FX traders with significant statistical information about the instruments they trade.

What is Autochartist and how accurate is it?

With 70% accuracy rate of forecasts of price breakout, Autochartist is considered one of the world’s most advance intraday tools for automatic identification of Chart and Fibonacci patterns. Patterns identified by Autochartist include:

What is the forex Autochartist?

The Forex Autochartist scans through colossal amounts of market data, and automatically defines emerging patterns, as well as key levels for you. FX trading alerts: the tool delivers visual and audio alerts for appearing trade opportunities that include: key levels, chart patterns, and Fibonacci patterns.

How to use Autochartist tool in MT4?

To use Autochartist tool, first you need to install and launch Autochartist from MT4. Simply click on the provided link to download and install the Autochartist Plug-in and start using this tool on your trading application. Then receive real-time alerts of profitable trade opportunities through a web and custom indicators.