Who is Ajmal perfume?

Who is Ajmal perfume?

Ajmal perfumes and colognes. Ajmal, in its 60 year history of creating fragrances, has mastered the art of perfume making and occupies a unique niche in the world of perfumery in the Middle East. Today, Ajmal is a regional corporate entity with a vast portfolio of the finest and most captivating fragrances available in the region.

Who is Haji Ajmal Ali?

The story of our Founder Father, Late Haji Ajmal Ali is one of the essences of inspiration. Born in a family of rice farmers, hailing from Alinagar – a small village located in Hojai, Assam, India – he realized at a very young age that agriculture would not be able to provide enough to sustain himself and his family.

What is Ajmal Foundation?

The AJMAL FOUNDATION is the beginning of a small step towards creating awareness about the gripping inequalities which have plagued our society for so long. Online Application Form for Ajmal Super 40 Five Years integrated coaching from Class VIII onwards for the academic session 2021-22.

How Ajmal brand started?

With his sons also entering the business – within a span of two decades – the family had planted the seeds of the Ajmal Brand and grown them into a strong tree. Thus, a simple Farmer undertook a sterling journey into becoming a world-class Perfumer.