Who is Adam in The Archers?

Who is Adam in The Archers?

Andrew Wincott
Adam Macy

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Played by: Andrew Wincott
Born: 22 June 1967
Status: Married to Ian Craig
Occupation: Farmer

Who is Adam Macy’s father?

Adam Macy (born 22 June 1967) (Andrew Wincott) is the first child of Jennifer Aldridge, his father being former Brookfield farmhand Paddy Redmond (only confirmed by Jennifer herself in 2015.) Adam was adopted by Roger Travers-Macy, Jennifer’s first husband.

What is Adam’s Secret in The Archers?

In 2012, Adam confided in his mum that he had a one night stand with Pawel after rowing with Ian. Adam felt terrible and sought Jennifer’s advice on whether he should come clean to Ian. Jennifer recommended that Adam kept the affair to himself as telling Ian could do more harm than good.

Why did Adam take the money in The Archers?

He recounts the argument he’s had with Brian over the missing farm money, which Brian’s virtually accused him of stealing. He explains he’d only borrowed it to pay for the electrical work at the cottage. Adam begs Lee not to tell anyone, particularly Ian, whose been anxious about money and thinks it’s sorted.

What happened to Alice in the Archers?

For several years now, Alice has often struggled to stick to just one drink, but the stresses brought by 2020 have led to her using alcohol as a crutch. Alice’s problematic drinking sabotaged her career, and she was left with no choice but to quit her job at Pryce Baumann.

Who is Jazzer in The Archers?

actor Ryan Kelly
Blind actor Ryan Kelly is one person who has managed to escape pigeon-holing, with his role as fully sighted Jack ‘Jazzer’ McCreary in the long-running Radio 4 soap, The Archers.

Has the actress who plays Kate in The Archers changed?

Kate’s occasional visits to Ambridge usually stirred up drama for the Aldridge family. When Kate returned at the end of 2014 she confessed that her marriage to Lucas had collapsed after an affair – not her first, it had to be said……Kate Madikane.

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Lives at: Home Farm

What happened to Ruth Archer?

Ruth was a fellow breast cancer patient who also fell victim to the Irish Mob’s fake chemotherapy drug operation. Archer developed a friendship with her which he reminisced about during his rampage. Unfortunately, Ruth died during Archer’s rampage because her chemo drugs did nothing to fight her cancer.

Who Lives at Home Farm in The Archers?

Ian Craig is the executive chef. Home Farm is a 1,922-acre (778 ha) farm, by far the largest in Ambridge, owned by the Aldridge family. In recent years, Home Farm expanded into soft fruit and deer farming.

Who plays Stella in The Archers?

Annette Badland
Born 26 August 1950 Edgbaston, Birmingham, England
Occupation Actress
Years active 1970–present
Notable work Doctor Who Cutting It Wizards vs Aliens EastEnders Outlander The Sparticle Mystery Bergerac The Archers Midsomer Murders Ted Lasso

Is Alice still drinking?

For several years now, Alice has often struggled to stick to just one drink, but the stresses brought by 2020 have led to her using alcohol as a crutch. Her dad, Brian Aldridge secured her work at Home Farm, and she and Chris quit their weeknight drinking – though neither of them stuck to their pledge for long.

Does Jack Harkness have a daughter?

Alice Carter (née Melissa Moretti; previously Sangster), played by Lucy Cohu, is the daughter of Jack Harkness.

What happened in the archers on Apple Podcasts?

The Archers on Apple Podcasts A contemporary drama in a rural setting. A contemporary drama in a rural setting. There’s a near miss for Adam, and Fallon makes a sacrifice. Chris and Jennifer arrive at Alice’s rehab facility. As they settle down with Luke, Alice’s counsellor, Alice apologises for worrying them when she ran off.

Who is the father of Adam Archer’s baby in EastEnders?

Honeysuckle Cottage. Adam’s birth shocked the village of Ambridge – he was the product of a dalliance between Jennifer Archer and cowman Paddy Redmond. With gossip rife, 22-year old Jennifer refused to name the father – even to her parents. Jennifer’s second husband, Roger Travers-Macy, adopted Adam and along followed Adam’s half-sister Debbie.

What happened between Brian and Adam at Home Farm?

Young Adam began to misbehave, afraid that Brian would up and leave as Roger had. Now, the pair have their battles over farming methods. Visionary Adam is enthusiastic about renewable farming and sustainability and has dragged traditionalist Brian some way with him – managing to introduce a herbal ley, mob grazing and no-till cropping to Home Farm.

Who is Adam’s wife Ian and is he married?

Adam is married to long-term partner Ian, but has given in to temptation on two occasions – firstly, with Polish strawberry-picker Pawel and secondly with estates manager Charlie Thomas. Ian has stuck by Adam despite Adam’s affairs becoming public knowledge at Helen’s trial. Without the soil, we have no future!