Who end up with Kahoko Hino?

Who end up with Kahoko Hino?

Len Tsukimori
Near the ending of the manga, Kahoko realizes her feelings for Len Tsukimori and the both of them ended up together.

How many episodes does La Corda D Oro have?

La Corda d’Oro

金色のコルダ (Kin’iro no Koruda)
English network Anime Network SEA Animax
Original run October 1, 2006 – March 25, 2007
Episodes 26

How many episodes does Kiniro no Corda have?

In 25 episodes, a wide variety of classical music is introduced, which I really enjoyed.

How many seasons does La Corda D Oro have?

The series is made of two seasons.

Is there romance in La Corda D Oro?

The story really falls flat when it comes to romance. This is a reverse-harem at its core (based on a dating sim), so I was not surprised by how things ended up. Still, the lack of any concrete romantic development or even a hint on Kaho’s part as to which guy she likes best is very frustrating.

What happened to Len in La Corda d’Oro?

In Episode 10 of La Corda D’oro -Blue Sky-, Len makes his second appearance where he is once again found playing Ave Maria, but he is playing in a graveyard in front of the grave of a man who supposedly was a past instructor that he looked up to.

What does Kahoko look like in real life?

Kahoko is a beautiful teenage girl with shoulder-length red hair that has bangs hanging on the left side and light brown eyes. Kahoko is seen wearing two outfits: When performing, she is usually seen wearing a red long strapless dress. When not performing, she is usually seen in her school uniform.

What happens in the first episode of Kahoko?

In episode 1, Kahoko arrives late, and meets a strange little being: a fairy. Kahoko is not reassured and is convinced that she has dreamed, but the fairy is indeed in front of her. The latter expresses a lot of joy because few, if any, people can see it.